Nureen Tahani's Aqiqah Ceremony

My army brother had a 4-day leave due to some business to be attended here in KL. Since he was posted to Tawau, this was the third time we managed to gather around as a family. But his 2nd time was during last year's Raya but I couldn't meet him coz I was in Terengganu.

So last Thursday night we gathered at Fikri's house (my sister's hubby) and the plan for that night was our usual family bowling time =]. I planned to have Tutti Frutti with Cembam before going there for her birthday night but because we haven't had our dinner and Tutti Frutti doesn't have any dinner meal (or they have? I've never dine there), so I planned to dine at Pak Li Ole Ole. Plus Cembam was not that hungry.

The plan was to let my family bowl while us having our dinner but it didn't turn well. I got a call that our Myvi that we lend to my sister could not be started. My brother messed up the gear shifting and the car died suddenly. When he wanted to start back the engine, it failed. I've already asked them to check the battery water during Hari Raya because I knew that it needs to be refilled. But somehow they didn't do that and now the battery kong already!!

So while we were heading towards Shah Alam, they were working on the car. When I reached the place, my brother has just arrived with a new maintenance-free battery. Haish!!! Their reason for not managed to refill the battery water was that they couldn't open the battery caps!!! Ahahahaha!! Demmit la depa ni!! So after a new RM200 battery installed, we parked and had our dinner at Pak Li Ole Ole. (gambar kat laptop Cembam la plak)

It was such a nice time spent with all of us!! Complete family!!!

Our plan for that Friday was to help out my sis moving. But unfortunately the owner of her newly bought house was traveling so she didn't receive the key yet. Fart!! All of the battalion were there, even Fikri's parents were coming to help but plan delayed.

So Friday night we headed to Sabak for Sunday's Aqiqah ceremony of Nureen!! We outsourced the meat service. Our neighbor helped us with finding the goat and cooked them for us. So we just had to take care the rest. We cooked chicken soup, acar timun and nenas and Ayam Kicap. I was asked to invite some other relatives. So I asked Cembam to come with me so we could raya visit them as well. Tak sempat kan itu hari. So alang-alang jemput kenduri, we all raya terus la.

Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman
The Aqiqah ceremony started at around 3P.M. Our rumah atas tu is so hot. Thanks to Fikri and Faris for their assistance last fasting month, we managed to install the blue plastic ceiling to ease down the heat. The ceremony was about marhaban, berzanji and Dendang Fatimah.
 Cembam also had to be peresent because we also had Doa Selamat for Cembam's delivery. Panas katanya with that jubah. Hehehe. Nureen was sleeping until the time for the hair cutting or cukur jambul.

Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman

The Dendang Fatimah lyric is so nice. Mom was the lead singer. The lyric is about how the child should be a good daughter or son. About how they should pray, be a nice kid by helping their parents, study properly and lots more. Hope my baby would grab the essence of the dendang as much as he could =]
Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman
Then Nureen started to be circled around them and stopped at some of the pit stops to have her hair cut. Tak cukur pun. Sayang ke rambut. Hehehe. The original purpose of cukur jambul is to have the hair cut or for some shaved and we would donate based on how much the weight of the shaved hair in the same amount of gold price for the grams. But usually it won't reach a gram at all. So up to you to donate how much actually.
Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman
Top is Wak Bar (abah's sister) cutting the hair and then Abah also cutting them. Hehehe. Nureen was trying her best to deflect all the hands around her head. Ekekekeke!!

Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman
Top - Osman, Nureen's daddy plak having a go on the hair cut. hehehehe. I bet Osman really had a nice time experiencing the ceremony and our custom. 
Bottom - Mak Hasnah or Surip. That is Kak Wa's biological mother. Heee..dapat gunting rambut cucu dia.

Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman
Top - Nek Jemah. Kak Wa's biological grandmother. Just got back from her Haji trip. 
Bottom - we called her nenek seksi because of her kebaya wearing. Hehehehhe. Mom asked Kak Wa to stop by her as well coz she said previously she fussed about other cukur jambul ceremonies. She said why she didn't get to cut the hair when she's the most suitable person to do it. Ekekeke.
Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman
Top - cik faizah toke kerepek. Hehehe. sedap bah kerepek dia buat (ops teriklan plak). 
Bottom - Nureen was smiling after all those 'nightmare' ended. Ekekeke. Rimas haa Nureen kena pipis-pipis bagai kan.
Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman

The selawat was being recited all the way till the end of the circling. Then Nureen had a rest inside the cradle again. Ekekekeke.

Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman

Makan time, kami hidang le mana patut. I brought all the talam upstairs and the next thing I know they were already being sent down. Majlis completed. We gave the doorgift to the guests with a plastic of the aqiqah meat to them. 

Time nak basuh2 pinggan, Faris pakwe my sister arrived. Hahaha!! Apa lagi...sakat la. "Ya Allah, tepat betul timing ko datang Faris. Dah tunggu dah kat belakang haa pinggan nak cuci". ekekekke. Sekali memang dia gi basuh gak with Acik. Sonang kojo den. Ahahahaha!! Aku nye saringan utk adik ipar ni senang je. 4 kali kenduri, pass la ko. Ahahahahaha!!!! Faris ni dah kira 3 kali la aku campur dengan fasting time hari tu and during my sister's car accident tu. So another 1 more to go faris!! Ahahahahahaahaha!!!!

Aqiqah Nureen Tahani Osman

We planned to head back to KL after maghrib. Cembam had a doctor appointment on Monday. If she didn't get enough sleep kang blood pressure naik and had to go for more check up. Cembam can't sleep well and that easy at stranger's place. Even balik kampung 2nd day tu baru la boleh tidur lena skit.

But before we went back, I sempat trim Nureen's hair!!! Nampak rimas rambut dia pandang tepi. So her gorgeous uncle ni yang banyak talent ni sudah kasi trim her rambut. And that is her new look now!!! Kagum tak? Ekekekekekee!!!

Haah~~ Ok. Skang nk wat ulangkaji utk my next project!!


Masy said…
Cembam can't sleep well and that easy at stranger's place. <-- easy?

hoiii comelnye budak nureen niiiii.... aummmpphh aummmmphh pipi dia
zonaku said…
geget pipi dia....

aku suka baby dibotakkan...... br namanya baby, bagi aku la. sebab dah besar2 kang, mmg x der pasal la nk botak, esp kalau perempuan
HEMY said…
masy - that easy ni guna mcm 'tk semudah tu'. hehehe. pipi dia mmg tembammmm sayang plak rambut dia tu.hehehe
Pocket said…
pocket is actually foreign to this kind of majlis.
the only one our family ever had was just three people coming to our house to potong jambul a bit, botak and that was it.

Dendang petimah? lagi la foreign.
kena belajar lagi nih supaya buleh sambung budaya lama :D
HEMY said…
dendang fatimah tu tk tau le tempat len ada ke tak geng2 mak aku ni ada le buat.

utk kawin pn lepas katam quran ada dendang utk pengantin tu suh taat suami apa sume
zonaku said…
team marhaban biasa tahu kot mende2 dendang bagai ni.....

rasanya mak aku penah sebut, arwah tok aku tau, cumanya, mak aku x belajar.

rambut dia akan tumbuh balik ler..... jgn risau...
syah shah said…
not sure la, tapi setahu aku rambut baby yang lahir tu kena cukur habis... nanti tanya kat ustaz semula...

comel je nureen... geram aku tengokkan...