Najib dan Rosmah naik bas sepanjang lawatan ke Perak?

I'm not really use to political matters to be posted in my blog because I don't want to be aimed as a rebellious citizen, or siding to any party because I would like to stick in my neutral side better so I could see both sides in a much conscious self. But this morning my FIL showed me this news and picture so I guess for a weekend entry update, this kind of story would suffice =p.

Well the picture above was taken in the bus that Najib and Rosmah use for their trip 'mendekati rakyat'. I took this from one of the political forum that my FIL read. Well first, I know that even if our PM really do take a bus for his trip, it won't be as nasty as the commoners' buses for sure. I was imagining a nice express bus with single seat for each. 
But from the picture above, it was way out of my imagination. They put sofa set inside with coffee table??Pfffttt...I'm not sure if the picture above is even the real picture of the real mentioned bus, but if it really is, it's so funny man.

I know most of you would say bullshit or whatever curse you could think of when you see this photo. The common mentality would disagree with how nice the bus condition is to compare with the real daily one that are being used. I did the same but I look at it from a different perspective as well. 

You see, being a leader or something more special than an ordinary citizen deserves that treatment don't you agree. I mean it's normal to throw something special or at least a little bit extra from ordinary for these kind of important people right? We make special food for something special that were to dine at our house, throw red carpet for the one that will launch our ceremony, put some decoration for the know what I mean? Yahh..

Unless, the sole reason for the trip is to SHARE THE OATH AND TO SEE HOW THE MERE CITIZEN LIFE IS, then I think having a bit extra special comfy sofa in a bus during the trip is normal. But I don't know what is the theme or objective of our PM's trip this time. I don't really follow political news. Remember I stumble this because of my in-law ok.

Pak Lah tried squeezing in the KTM train one time and managed to feel the difficulty and the challenge of the citizen's daily life. So I just assume that this bus trip is not really meant for the same cause but just trying to be more modest. 

But I'm curious though. Do they really sit like that the whole trip? What if the bus suddenly brake or something? I don't see seat belts. Hmmm..oh ya, the bus being escorted by the police? Hmm..that makes sense. If its being escorted, the bus journey would be smooth and there's no reason for a harsh brake right? Ok..I see I see..

Anyway, a good attempt and a fresh idea of reaching to the people, but surely they would be lots of pro and cons. For me as a commoner, I just hope that when the ministers are using the road, please queue just like we do. The act of having the traffic police with that big bike asking all the cars to clear the most right lane is really dangerous. Seriously!!!

Most of the time I would see emergency break due to the cars coming into the left lane and the one behind had to brake and most of the time the cars would almost squeezed and scratched. If it's not a really really really important matter that puts our country in the line, please ask the driver to drive like us normal people would you.

May the good things keep happening in our beloved country!!!


Masy said…
kalau betullah ini dalam bas, ia kelihatan amatlah tak cerdik. tataulah nk komen panjang. hahahahahahaha
zonaku said…
not impossible if this is true.

and about the police asking other drivers to make way. there are pro n cons, look into safety of these important leaders. also, may as well notify early which road will be used and commoners may re-set their daily routine. again, security issues to be taken in consideration.
HEMY said…
hehhehe...tu lahh..kalau takde bumper ke apa comey le..dh la blkg skali..kompem melompat2

zonaku, tu tu mmg asik nak laju je..jahanam sungguh
❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
baju sama..tapi lokasi dia bergambor tu tak tau le iye dlm bas ke idak khenn..
HEMY said…
hehe..tulah. aku share gambar yg dapat je. kebenaran citer wallahualam