Keywords into my blog


I'm waiting for the consultant whom supposed to be replacing me in another 2 weeks time. I have to provide him the transition on what I have done, what I've currently doing and what am I planning ahead so he could cope and continue my task smoothly when I am not around anymore. 

So, while fingers are itching and I just feel wanna write something. 

I logged into my nuffnang and it's already RM93. I think I'll keep on waiting another 90 years maybe so that I could use that money for my first house down-payment. Ekekeke!!! My blog is visited around 200-300 visitors only ma in a week. 

I'm just a picisan blogger anyway. Ekekeke. But when I looked into the keywords for this month..ekeke..Dunno how to say. You can just check it out below, the statistic of this month's keyword that come into my blog.

Hehehe...No wonder la my earning is slightly swifter than the previous one that needed 2++ years for Rm100. Ekekekeke. No problem guys..come in!!! Come in!!! You are welcomed!!!

P/S : I never wrote any entry purposely using any keyword for traffic like what they call it?? SSO ke apa? I just write as I like. 


zella y said…
rmai gak peminat jue aziz.....hehehhe
HEMY said…
tak ramai sangat le tu..63 carian je sebulan..ahahah
jedi said…
boleh jumpa jue aziz x???