Insulting bastard under the mask of HajjahSittAlWuzara

I stumbled upon a blog of MakcikHajjahSittAlWuzara from one of my facebook group couple of months earlier. I had the luxury of time to click the link given and I was shocked on how a muslimah could be so bold and biadab in her act of stepping on our prophet's head, squeezing it, insulting Rasulullah pbuh so openly and looks so proud of doing it.

The blog is obviously mocking our beloved Rasulullah pbuh and she doesn't have any respect towards him by calling him Babi Muhammad. Astaghfirullahalazim!!!

I never shared theh blog link to anyone in my FB or here in my blog coz I don't want you to visit and spread the links coz not all of the one visiting has a clear conscience of our holy Islam. I afraid some would be encouraged by the blog and start hating and insulting Islam more openly just like how this bastard does. 

Then in the FB group I saw lots of comments cursing this lady. But what was your action on it? Instead of just joining the comment saying how this lady should be thrown into the deepest level of hell and etc, I searched for the means of reporting it to the responsible department. Searched and searched, I managed to find the place in JAKIM site where you can lodge a report about any insulting and disturbing media on the net. What good would it do if you just share and spread, put comment "biar mati la orang ni" etc but you didn't take any action at all right?

I got a reply from JAKIM saying that there has been a report about the same blog and they have escalated it to SKMM for this matter. Then SKMM replied my mail saying that they are working on the case and trying to make the blog inaccessible. Okay, at least they replied to me quite fast. Then couple of weeks later I got some update about this SittAlWuzara latest suspected owner. 

From there I got to know that there are group of hackers trying to find the real owner of this insulting blog. The latest lead was denied by SittAlWuzara and the hackers need to apologize openly for the wrongly suspected person. But this time, Sitt hasn't reply or respond to the new update yet. Have they found the correct owner this time? I hope so!!!

I forwarded the update to JAKIM and SKMM saying that eventhough it's not yet proven but maybe SKMM can try to use this lead and verify the source and the truth of the news. Now, I'm waiting for the good news. Really hope this bastard gonna be captured and punished!!!


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Gud on u m8!
Keep up with the Good Work!