Inspiring things by oridnary people

Few days back, my colleague shared with me an awesome simple project yet it gives a very significant meaning for those poor fellas that lived under the roofs that literally protect them from the blazing sun ray and the cold downpour. But being poor like them also means no light inside their house even during the bright sunny day.

So a group of people have this project of bringing light into their houses by just using a bottle, water and bleach liquid.Isang Litrong Liwanag can be translated in English as ‘Litre of Light’. This is a project brought about by students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The product a sustainable light bulb that uses no source of energy except the sun!

The main purpose of this light project was to benefit the developing communities who are affected by fires caused by dodgy electricity and many who have no light at all.
There are currently three million households that are ‘powerless’ in the Philippines; hopefully this project can help brighten up their homes. MyShelter Foundation, established by Illac Diaz, aims to brighten up one million homes in the Philippines by 2012.

But how does it work?
My crude description is: you fill a clear plastic bottle with water and add a little bit of bleach. You then cut a small hole in the roof to fit the bottle snuggly half in and half out. The outside light streams through the bottle and refracts around 55 watts of light into the otherwise dim house. The bleach prevents algae building up, meaning the Solar Bottle Bulbs should last about five years after only taking an hour to install.

You can check out the video of how they installed them and how that simple water+bottle combination can bring light into these houses!! 

One of the contact in my flickr has a very unexplainable sense of creativity and skill in photo manipulation. I stumbled upon his photostream during the early days of my flickr account and I added him as my flickr contact right away. His talent on 'looking a thing in a different perspective' is phenomenal. Here, check out some of his photos!!


the muse

the refuge

How crazy are they!!!!?? Awesome editing skill is one thing but to have the creativity to pull out those kind of art is way out of my league!! Now I really am inspired to try manipulating photos like this!!


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