Hundred thousands decision!! - My friends are the best


There's an unexplainable feeling deep inside this tiny soul of mine trying to get through it and walk head high with the greatest confidence and joyous smile. But it's not as simple as that.

I've just made the biggest decision that I've ever commit in my whole life. It was way bigger than deciding whether to marry Cembam or not because that one, I received a dream which till now I gladly conclude myself, a sign from Allah and eveything was crystal clear after that.

This one involves bigger stake and even too big to be handled alone.

Haishh...too dramatic. I guess you can already tell what it is about. Ya...I've just paid a fair amount of money as a booking fee for my future house!!! It was very tough decision, yet needed to be done as soon as possible coz the chance might slipped through your finger and the worse part about it - you know it was slipping yet you can't do nothing about it.

Looking for a house here around Bangi and BB Bangi is like yelling BINGO where you have to be the first to do so. A house around this area would easily sold within the next day once advertised in the net. It's as hot as the pisang goreng only that it costs thousands time more. I stumbled into one advertisement that really caught our eyes. The location is just couple of KMs from Cembam's school, never been occupied before and under 300K. Our first try on calling these agents previous days before has gave us a tiny experience on how you really have to be fast when you've already set an eye on it.

So we call the agent and the agent told us that she has been contacted by nearly 20 people in a day and she just want someone serious to buy the house. We set up a meeting 2 days after that and she said if you really want it and like it, we should prepare the bank draft upon seeing the house.

We hesitated at first, lots of concern, lots of thinking, Cembam even asked not to withdraw the money to one extend before I managed to calm her down and let her understand the choice that we have and the plan that we could use. Cut the story short, we had the bankdraft with us and we've confirmed with the agent that Wednesday evening and while waiting for the event, I was keep on surfing the net, looking for every single information that could be a use to us. I called the Kementerian Perumahan to check the developer's record - Dasar Beringin, I asked around, my FB friends, my colleagues and lots more.

But suddenly one of my friend buzzed me in FB and I was like " are an architect right??Help me!!". I was searching high and low and get any of my friends whom I thought could share about buying house with me but I totally forgot about this one friend. Thanks Allah you guided him to help me. We talked about how my concern about the location of the house and etc and out of sudden he said "OK je...aku temankan ko la petang ni balik keja aku gi sana. Ko pun nak kompemkan hari ni kan?" Oh my Allah~~~ I am blessed with lots of friends who would gladly be by my side the time I need them the most.

So that evening I waited for him, his wife and son and we headed there in that drizzling dark evening and reached there 30 minutes later than the promised time. When we arrived, there were already a 3 people by the house. A couple and the agent. I recognized the husband as he was in the same matriculation college as me. He was puzzled and when I said "either UPM or KMNS" and he said "oh ya..KMNS".

I went into the house. It's getting dark earlier than it should because of the weather. On that given time we looked around and checked every corners of the house. We only found 2 defects. 1 is the leaking on the roof of one of the room. My friend said that it's considered a defect and usually the developer should be the one responsible to fix it. But in my case, the house already has an owner and the agent promised to tell the house owner about it. Another defect was the drain on the roof. It's leaking and the water was pouring down out of it when there shouldn't be any single drip out of it.

After I took some pictures of the house, I said to Cembam that we should buy it. The couple was really waiting for our decision. I bet if we said "tengok dulu camne", there's a possibility that the next day the agent would contact us and said that the house already has a buyer. My heart felt calm at that moment and I knew it's the right decision. Once I said confirm to the agent, the couple left the house and we sit at the nearest restaurant to sign the booking agreement.

All those minutes passing by, I've imagined, thought and calculated so many things. The agent doesn't want KWSP withdrawal process. The owner doesn't wait to wait. He also doesn't want government loan process involved coz it took longer time. Lots of thinking but we stick to the decision. Form signed, bankdraft exchanged hands and now they are waiting for my bank slip, 3-month payslip and etc. I'm thinking of so many things in the meantime and looking out for the best option I could seek.

The agent said she will use her appointed lawyer and they will contact me sooner. But still, we know how lawyer works. My friend advised me to have the same lawyer both for the loan and the house coz usually they'd squeeze out money among themselves if they are different lawyers. I tried asking my friends and kinda have an option now.

Hmm..just wait till it reaches the next phase once I submitted the necessary documents and see how it goes. We really hope Allah will help us to make all of the processes involved as smooth as it could be and we could start living in our house with ease. Pray for us yah!!!

Thanks again Am, Diana and Adam for being there with us giving support!!! Thanks to Azel, Syu and Asri too. I contacted them, asked them questions and they helped me as best as they could. Thanks guys!!


Masy said…
yeaahhh moga dipermudahkan urusan perumahan ni sume yeee.. tahun dpn leh laaa kitorang serbu umah ko plak hehehhe
hemy said…
aminn..buleh insyaallah ada rezeki akan dijemput