False Alarm~~~ But so glad it is a false one

Last night my tennis session started back after a-month rest due to fasting month. For someone newbie like me, it can be considered a reset mode where all your previous achievement, progress in the game has just been reset and I was like a totally new guy and back to basic. Ekekeke..and it's so true.

The string of the racket felt so stiff after not being used for a month and after just 3 games last night, my whole body was aching. Standing while waiting for the ball felt so hard when the back of your knees felt so sengal. My arms and hands are still a bit aching this morning. But out of all that, I feel so happy to get back in action..=p

Hence, I didn't manage to upload other pictures of Hari Raya. Tonight I'm gonna continue uploading for sure.

Last night I booked couple of Air Asia tickets. An early booking for November's Raya Haji. Cembam should be in her pantang mode at that time so we decided take a flight to send Cembam to her parents' house and let her take her time completing her pantang period there accompanied by her Mom. She will be in 3-month holiday and a month would probably enough for her stay there. 

Last Monday Cembam texted me saying that the nurse at the Klinik Desa where she was doing her check-up has advised her to seek for Az-Zahrah panel because the concern of an abnormal high heart-beat of the baby. I was worried and told Cembam to just go to Az-Zahrah to have it checked. I called the hospital for an appointment and they instructed us to head directly to the 2nd floor to have the CTG check.

Cembam was asking "taknak teman ke?". I was having my lunch and plus I have a meeting after that. And I do feel that Cembam can handle this by her own. Not being selfish but I trust her. So I replied "Nyai kan strong..gi cek dulu ek..nanti kalau ada pape meseg eh".

She said OK and reached there after half an hour. And 15 minutes after that I got Cembam's message saying the result turned out to be normal. Alhamdulillah..Haish baby ni buat Papa and Mama risau. And the nurse said that now the baby's head is already at the bottom. Ok..dah ready.

Cembam was saying last night that the baby moved a lot recently. And the movements are causing her pains. Well, being a first-timer I simply asked if that might be considered a contraction? But Cembam said NO. Hmm..another month to go before my life would be changed for sure!!! =]


Fiza Z. Abidin said…
sekuat mana pun seorg isteri tu...tetap perlukan sokongan suami disebelah :) perasaan org ngandung nih lain sikit beb....kene jaga btul2..hihihii
zella y said…
baby dh ade kat bwh erk....
hurm...xlama lg dh tu... ;)
zonaku said…
if possible, even ko rasa dia kuat n blh g sorg2, temankanlah.

kalau dah mmg x blh, x per lah. but, ensure ko reachable la.....

kejap je kan.. x lama lagi dah leh tgk Memuah junior...
Erina Asmawani said…
sokong komen kak zona..

kekadang isteri ni nampak je strong tp hakikatnya dia nak selalu suami dia sentiasa di sisi nak2 lagi kalu time check up..hehe

Dah x lama da tu Hemy. Selamat bersedia menjadi Papa. Eee..aku pulak excited. Hehe
HEMY said…
hehehe...aku akan gi teman kalau aku dapat rasa the urgency...klinik tu mmg on the way balik..depan umah..and the check pn kejap je.

so mcm tak baloi aku nk kuar time keje, kena tunda meeting plak apa sume...n alhamdulillah mmg takde pape pn..hehehehe

tu ah...tak lama dh..tk smpi 2 bulan..hehehe
Pocket said…
pergh!! nak jadi bapak dah kawan pocket, hey hey, besok gi cari ayaq nyoq (Air kelapa) yang original nyer tak der tambah ais or pemanis...
kasi kat cembam,
bagus utk last last minute nih,
plus baby akan gerak gerak lg banyak, besh kot ayaq nyoq nih
(Tp jangan la bagi 1.5 liter sehari.. jadi benda lain plak)

So emergency pack dah siap dah?
sila letak dekat pintu okeh :D
HEMY said…
errr....tak siap lagi le pocket..tgh nk prepare le ni..hehehe

oh..air kelapa muda ye..ok..leh le try bagi nk ujung2 nanti