Err..taktau nak letak tajuk apa

Yesterday was one heaven of busy day. Not because of the work that needs to be done, but due to our active scouting for our first house =]. We bumped into this one house-selling advertisement and we decided to call the agent and set a meeting asap which is this evening. Then we started to check the background of the developer, the history of the land, the residence and lots more trying to cover and analyze as best as we could so we can have a very worthy house to be bought.

Then we heard that the residence area was used to be a mine and that bothers us a lot, I mean it would bother anyone who are planning to buy a house. So we googled more any found some convincing answer from the forum. I talked to many of my friends on banking process, loan, SNP, and lots more related to buying a house. I'm a total dummy in this area.

So yesterday I met up with Cembam at Tabung Haji to withdraw our saving. We need 3.5% of the actual house price for booking. As Tabung Haji doesn't have bankers cheque service, we need to physically withdraw the money. I went out from the office at 1.30 after I skipped my lunch (so consider i went out for lunch la).

At the same time my sister and BIL were on their way to our house. While waiting for our number and answering calls from my sister to guide her suddenly I got a call from my sister that Osman just hit a motorcycle!! Oh My Allah~~ Luckily that time our number was up. So we managed to withdraw our money and we hurriedly left the bank.

I put all the money into Cembam's handbag and said to Cembam to meet up at the house. But somehow Cembam thought I would give the handbag back by the car. But I was planning to bring it along with me to meetup with my sister at the accident location. Miss-communication!!!!

It ended up that Cembam only took the carkeys. Handphone, house keys were still in the handbag that I carried to my sis!!! I thought my sis was just near the corner but it turned out that the accident happened way further!!! So on my way to my sis, I had a missed calls from unidentified 013 numbers. When I reached at my sis's and tried to call back the number, no one answer.

It was actually Cembam calling from the public wanted to tell that she couldn't enter the house because the house-keys were inside the handbag!!!!!! 

Now back to accident location. An indian on his bike was going to enter his right and maintained in the middle of the road like normal. Osman was emerging out to the road taking left also like normal (opposite way). But these 2 things happened at the same time. The bike already halfway entering when he realised Osman was coming towards him. Osman has also emerged halfway while only looking towards his right because naturally the cars would only come from his right. The bike already pushed the brake but unluckily Osman didn't spot the bike coz he kept on looking at his right. BAMM!!!

Osman had a travel insurance and wanted to claim for it and this needs Police report. And police report process is sooo bitchy here in Malaysia as we know. They surely want to take the photo of the bike and the bike cant even move normally. I had my experience, the police will want to see the bike even if we already have all the photos. 

But I have to make the best decision so I slow talk with Osman. The damage of the bike looked so little and I advised Osman to just settle it without a police report. "I think it would cost even less than a hundred"
After a while, he managed to consider the situation, circumstances and the time consumption - he agreed to not lodge a police report.

So we headed to the workshop and started to ask the guy to fix and came up with rough estimation of the repairing cost. BAM!!! RM262!! 160 for the fork wielding itself!! Fuck!! The guy claimed that the mudguard is now scratching the engine. But thanks to CSI that I watched, I found a line of scratch on the part where the mudguard and the engine contact!! Even engine oil was in the list!!

"ayoo..minyak itam pun kena tukar ke??!!!"
"tadi dia kata jatuh minyak tumpah banyak"
"cha...i pun pernah eksiden..takdenya tumpah banyak"

"come on la..u tgok sudah ada scratch line. Kompem sudah lama dia gesel maaa!!! Takkan baru tadi smpi sini sudah ada scratch line. Ni mesti memang macam ni"

Then the talked to each other in Tamil (Indian workshop, the nearest from the accident place) and they said they will check if the handle can be turned normally after they installed a new mudguard. So the mechanic replaced the gear bar, the side mirror and the last part - the mudguard, we had to wait for a while coz they brought it from other shop.

While waiting, the unidentified number called again and when I answered it, a voice that so familiar was at the end of the line.

"lama lagi ke?kat mana..aku takleh masuk umah la kunci ko bawak sume"

"aduhh!!! ye ke...aku kat area bla bla..nak ke sini ke? gi la lepak umah cik su dulu"

Then she hung up. And the mudguard arrived. Once installed, confirmed no problem to turn the handle. And it didn't even gesel anymore!!! I asked the mechanic to give us the bill and it was just RM46 after that!!! Osman paid him and I gave RM10 to the guy

"daripada I tukar minyak itam moto company you, u tak dapat pape, baik i bagi u je RM10 ni"

Yes it's not his own bike, it's his company's. Kak Wa felt amazed after she heard the last bill. I really think that the mechanic didn't include one of the part so I asked Kak Wa to leave the place asap. Hehehe.

Once arrived, there was Cembam dengan muka tarik habis, berkaca2 mata. Alaaa..sian wief aku sorang tu. She didn't even wanna talk to me. She only asked for the key coz she wanted to sleep. I talked to Kak Wa in advance

"jangan amek ati kalau cembam muka monyok. dia marah kat aku le tu takleh masuk umah. 2 jam gak tunggu ni"

I was so rasa bersalah. Nak buat camne, I had to think fast and act fast and along the way something might be forgotten ya? Tapi malam tu ok dah..sayang cembam...muahhh muahhh!!! I even terlepas zuhur taking care of the unfortunate event. But it ended well and we had a nice dinner together..Luckily im in themidst of my last week at my client's company and missing in action from noon till the end of working hour was not that bad..=] Haishh...syok layan si Nureen ni..tersengeh2..hehehe



Masy said…
adoih bertimpa2. klu aku laaa yg berlanggau, matik aku kene ketuk sbb tatau amende uhuhuhuuhh
Erina Asmawani said…
mata nurin..bercahaya2! comelnyaaaa!

alahaiii..cian cembam..hehe..bagus jugak ada ko di tmpat kejadian abg ipar ko eksiden tu..kalo tak mau melayang beratus2 woo..
HEMY said…
tu ah..bertimpa gak le...tapi takpela...dugaan

erina..edit sket kasi hebat..hehehe
zonaku said…
sebab dia tau osman mesti x tau nk argue.. tu y kemain dia nk charge tu.

buat la sesi photoshoot si nureen ni... cumel!
syah shah said…
Adoiyai... Bertimpa-timpa...
Tapi anto kat workshop orang dia jugak kompom dia taruk harga, belakang dia kasi kawtim sama itu rider... sama la whatever race orang tu pun...

wielding ke welding?
wief ke wife?

Ok, hobi kak Masy menjangkit sudah... Haha~ :P
HEMY said…
heee...nk photoshoot dia tak tau pe sangat lagi..kena pegang..jadi gambar cmtu jela pattern dia

syahshah, tulah...kena la bijak skit haaa nk kasi tak kena perah kaw-kaw