Come on my hero!! Take that ready position now~~~

This morning I worked from home. I've already notified my project manager the day before. Hmmm..Cembam wants me to accompany her to every doctor appointments and yes I know most lady out there would agree on this one. I'm in a new project and I don't really know what to be expected but I was so relieved when my PM said OK.

Took a nap while waiting Cembam's turn and when we finally entered and Cembam was lying on her back while the doctor was scrolling that scanning machine all over her tummy, we heard an uneasy update.

The baby's head is still on top. He didn't turn head down yet


The last time we went for the checkup, the doctor said it was normal for the baby to not turning head down yet and he will eventually do. But after 4 weeks, my baby's head is still just under Cembam's rib. And this time when we asked, "lepas ni kot dia pusing doktor", the face of the doctor was a bit different. The face seems to be worry. After a couple of seconds mute then she said "tengok la camne".

My Allah..cuaks!!!

The doctor scheduled another appointment 2 weeks later to check. They will try to massage Cembam's Belly to encourage the baby to turn head down and take his ready position. But if it's not successful, the doctor asked us to pick the date to deliver the baby via operation. money money~~ Yaa I know the safety of the baby and Cembam comes first but still we need to think about the money yah? Especially during this same time we are buying a house. We need every penny we could find and save =[

I looked at that photocopied Doa book that Cembam brought home months before and I spotted a Doa for Bayi Songsang. So the least I could do is ikhtiar and tawakal till the very last minute right? After maghrib prayer I recited the Selusuh Doa plus the Bayi Songsang Doa. Please also pray that everything would be just fine~~~ =]


zonaku said…
insyaallah.. all will be well...

usaha, doa, tawakkal. tanyakan mak n mak mertua juga yer.... kot2 ada petua y relevan
Masy said…
moga2 selamatlah semuanya

yg minum air selusuh per semua tu bole ke tak eh nk guna time ni? eh aku tanye ko plak. huhuuh
Pocket said…
komen tak guna dulu,
kalau baby punya kepala keatas,
dan nak dibuatkan supaya kepala nya kebawah... apakata cembam punya kepala kebawahkan, so kepala baby pun akan kebawah la jugak kan..
macam berdiri guna tangan gitu..

okeh.. sorry tp tingin nak kata gak :D

bro jangan risau, kalau kerajaan, keluar ikut tingkap pun masih 3 digit, so tak la besar sangat kan.
apa apa pun try the best, but prepare for the worst, Keselamatan cembam lebih penting okeh :D

zonaku said…
kalau nk ke gomen, nasihat aku ko bebetul check, mintak x mo doc pelatih or MO.

ada penah, y MO handle, x pandai jahit. kesian jadinya.

ko kene bebaik bertanya sehabisnya. kalau ngan doc skrg, insyaallah, korang dah biasa, x de pape kot.

harap elok la semuanya.......
HEMY said…
thanks for all the concerns yah.

idea ko mmg bernas haremmmm..

aku kat swasta la ni yg pening mikior..takpe la dh ku usahakan selusuh, doa semua tu.

Erina Asmawani said…

semoga semuanya dipermudahkan. Aminnn

*aku pun cuak tetiba.huhu*
jedi said…
Insyallah semua selamat....
MovieReviewer said…
Insyaallah Selamat