Ceritera Raya 2011 Finale

Today is my 2nd day back in my HQ office. Feeling new-joiner gitu with a tag hanging around your neck, walking along the isle looking at so many unfamiliar faces. But luckily there are still some whom I know and we chat a lot to catch up things. Ahahaha~~

Not a warm welcome that I got yesterday for coming back coz I had to ride through the heavy downpour with my bare legs (coz I put my shoes in the bag and I dont have backup slippers!!). But so far things are just good, err maybe because my next assignment hasn't started yet. Still waiting for them to contact me. So, I guess I'd blog for now. Laptop pn just got it after lunch yesterday. Before lunch, I was doing scribbling and wrote rubbish jibbrish with my left hand -wink!!-

Nureen Tahani

These are some pictures during the 2nd Raya. That morning Nureen had her bath session with her grandma. I wanna bath her but because I wanted to take the photos, Mom was in charge instead. Hehehe so fair skin la ini Nureen~~

Nureen Tahani

So gleeful during the bath. It's a nice thing when your baby doesn't scream out loud crying when they are having their shower. Coz some babies don't like shower time. I hope my baby would be the one in the first category =p

Fik, Nurul and Nahdan

Even nak kuar rumah for Raya took longer time because of these 2 toddlers. And we didn't even visit many houses like we used to. Just the close relatives, our aunties and aunts and then we headed home and prepared those 2 toddlers for their naps.

Nureen Tahani with her grandma

Hehehe..Mom with her OZ grandchild

Nureen Tahani

Most of Nureen outfits are pink in colour. ekekeke. My sis was so gila pink for Nureen. Heee. You know some friends were asking if I have a preferable gender expectation for my baby. Honestly we don't mind at all. If he's a boy, it's nice because he would be abang sulung that will look after his brothers and sisters. We just have to buy more toys and scream more when he is so active kicking and running all over the place.

If she's a girl, we would have a cute baby with fancy outfits. Those laced-skirt, blouse, scarf and lots more accessory and definitely they won't cost cheap. Ahahahaha!!! But he's definitely a boy. So I'm just gonna give him the ferrari model cars that I bought years back. Boring satu, baru kuarkan lagi satu design. Ahahaha!! Save kan??

Third Raya morning we kicked of from Sabak the same time as Fikri heading to Kedah. We texted Along and she was already on the road from Kedah. We tried the LATAR highway and found out that we would emerged out around Kanching waterfall area. Hmm..nice. But I do think the distances are quite the same if you use normal road from Ijok, Sg Buloh and Kepong via MRR2. But it's a nice optional route though.

During driving, I would usually just checked any radio station that actually works especially around the Jabor route. And when I hit a ceramah session, I would listen to it till the end. I found out that listening to ceramah while driving is a very best way to listen to it. Seriously. Just try. I used to listen to them whenever I drove Cembam back to Kemaman during our separation-period.

It was a ceramah about Adab Beraya. It's fun and accompanying me so well during our journey. We also used all the available route of the next LPT stretch. They have opened the route from Kuala Dungun to Ajil and from Bukit Payung to Kuala Terengganu. So this time around, our journey back to Ganu was brilliant!!!

my in-law family

Tak banyak amek gambar kat my in-law. Tapi nak beraya around there so jammed with cars and like always, traffic police was no where to be found when we need them the most. We visited my in-law's relatives and went to the open house held by ayah's neighbour just 30 metres in front of the house. 

Wowww!!! Tuan rumah punya rumah is sooo nice. He used kayu-kayu yang orang tak boleh guna, yang tak berapa molek but after he varnished it...Damn!!! Even tiang that is seriously got eaten by anai2 jadi soo artistically nice in his house. A house that worth to be appearing in ASTANA series. Hehehheehe!!!

The night before we went back to KL, we found out my car battery was kong!! Ahahahahaha!! Setahun sekali betul la. Last year during fasting pn bateri kong because I didn't refill the battery water. So used to maintenance-free one kan. But this time maybe tak cukup charge. Satu hal la cari stesen minyak nak beli bateri baru but to no avail. At the end, Cembam's cousin datang bawak jumper and the car managed to be started.

Tapi so cuak when we stopped for nature call at Temerloh hentian just 3 minutes and the car could not be started!!! Biru muka!! But after the forth time, dia idup. Huu..sampai Bangi we tukar terus the battery for good.

Well, gitulah citer raya 2011 this year. Nothing much, looks less but greater time with family!!!!


zonaku said…
ko dah cecah finale, tp aku lak mood x sampai² nk buat entry.

er. mana pic rumah tu???
Masy said…
budak nureen tu mmg menggeramkan!! pandai ckp melayu tak tu? hihihhi
HEMY said…
zonaku, nak seribu daya..tknak seribu tahun takkan mungkinnnn

masy, entah le..tapi agah ckp melayu pn senyum, english pn senyum
zonaku said…
agah bahasa inggeris cemana eh????

maklumlah, aku agah anak buah guna bm je
HEMY said…
sembang je la apa pn tp in english..ahaha