Ramadhan Routine


This week is a hectic week not just because of the fasting, but yah I think fasting amplified the effect in a way. The knowledge transfer started this week, so I have to set a 2-hour session with the other team to share my knowledge on the system that I currently support. At the end of the session, there's this burning sensation, a very dry feeling in my throat due to those 2 hours explaining about the stuffs. Haus!!!

Then there's one shitty problem in the system which the responsibility to sort it out is on my shoulder and they are giving another 3 weeks to investigate the root cause and prepare the solution. Huwaaaa!!!! I've tested and analyzed every possible scenarios and possibilities but it still leads me to dead end. Now, I am really hoping for my programmer colleague to debug the program and get to the cause. Haishh!!

The tickets are getting more and more due to the new approach and process. Need to coordinate some changes, enhancements and at the same time digging back the knowledge inside this thick skull so it could emerge and fall into pieces of information that can be shared on the next knowledge transfer session by reading the functional spec. Fuh..rasa busy plak lening!!! Ekekeke...

Well, that's what have been keeping me away from any new entry...

Ah, Ramadhan with my wife!!! Oh, soo nice. I would be getting a  text message asking when I would be back and a weather report in the evening. So far Cembam cooked everyday. I'm really thankful to her apart of her growing belly, she still able to cook for me. And a nice sweet sour Bawal for today's Iftar. Alhamdulillah!!! Dap dap!!

My after-office routine seems to be a fix now. Well the routine for these couple of days are just about the same. Reached home, Cembam and I will tune into channel 711 watching MasterChef Australia while waiting for the Azan. Then we had our Iftar and I would perform my maghrib prayer without taking a bath first coz Cembam needs it more. Well, mandi lama ngat. 

Right after maghrib, while Cembam is taking her shower, I would lay down on the toto, or maybe leaning on the sofa and take a nap =]. Later during Isyak Azan, Cembam would wake me up and there's her face right in front of me with her white telekung waiting for me.

"Isyak dah..gi mandi"

So I took my bath, and we perform Isyak and Terawih together. Cembam, my SIL and I. I think that's gonna be the routine for the rest of this year's Ramadhan. Apart of any additional plan like Iftar Memuah or etc. 

And I kinda like this routine. I have a nice nap after Iftar, then masuk Isyak mamai-mamai I take my bath..feeling so fresh but you still 30% mamai, I feel cool and breezy and performing the prayers during this state way much better than I ever felt. Than I have Cembam that will be waiting for me, so kompem takleh nak ponteng terawih like when I was still bujang. Huhuhu!! 

Alhamdulillah for this life and happiness that you blessed me so far ya Allah!! Happy Ramadhan everyone!!!


Masy said…
bole plak ko lelap lps mkn ye? tp kdg2 bila kenyang mmg cepat ngantuk hehehehhe
zella y said…
alhamdulillah...xboleh dh ko nk ponteng2 kn?? heheheh
zonaku said…
rutin yang bagus elok la kekalkan....
Anonymous said…
Pocket said…
besh tu,
part ada wajah bertelekung kat depan muka tu terasa cam bahaya sikit,
utk yg lemah semangat,
mungkin teringat 'Maaarobbukaaaa'