Pengalaman pertama puasa sebenar anda??

Feel wanna write in english with a little bit of novelish style today. Hope it works =].

It's 12.22 midnight. The tenth day of fasting and every passing day was spent by having the iftar with my beloved wife. But I've already shared with you how nice having a teacher as your wife when they have more time to cook for you, more time to have the house chores done because of their working hours =].

I always remember how my first days of fasting. Yep. I used days because I really forgot the very first day of my fasting attempt. But some of the early days were still nicely carved in my biological diary waiting to vanish and fade away slowly.

How was your first day of fasting? Was it easy? Or did you guys started with half day fasting first to train your stomach slowly on adapting with the third pillar of what it takes to be a muslim. How did you accept the fasting itself? How did your parents explained to you the importance of fasting every once a year and the significant of doing this torturing-yourself-for-half-a-day until you finally excepted it with a clear conscious of a Muslim?

Have you ever remember about it?

Waiting to be a Dad for another 2 months makes me thinking about all of this stuff. If you ask me what is the real meaning of 'my first fasting day'? I would answer;

It was when I clearly understood why I have to fast and the day I didn't even consume anything when I have the chance to do so.

Well I think I made myself clear on the quote above. You see, I had couple of friends back then that would eat or drink during their fasting days whenever their parents are not around. I still remember this one hot fasting day, I had my fair portion of my sahur meal and went to play with my neighbourhood friends in the afternoon.

My mom and dad went out to buy out some stuffs for that day's Iftar. I went back home alone to pick up something while my other sisters and brother were still playing outside. When I walked into the house, it was actually our kitchen section. There was a tin of Milo, a loaf of bread and some fruits in the cabinet. 

That very moment something struck me. It's like something was whispering to me something telepathically;

"why don't you eat? No one is around, your parents are not here, your siblings are outside playing. Who would know?"

Seriously this whispering was questioning me this very question. In that dark house where just some lights coming in through the holes of my nipah roofs, I realized that I've actually grasped the real meaning of fasting, why I should do it and why I should have not break it even there was no one around to see it. But I know, Allah was watching me. At exact moment, I remembered how I felt HIS presence, how near HE was like HE was standing just next to me watching.

Allah...I still remember that moment and it was MY FIRST FASTING DAY!!!


Pocket said…
me on the other hand ... not.

the need of fasting.
the requirement just embedded in me without me realizing it.

i'd say thanks to mama and abah for forcing us to do so when we're little.

now, it is never an option for me to tak posa regardless of the condition. (Currently i am not tested with anything yet.. heheh)
how i hope i can go on like this till the day i exhale my last breath :D
Masy said…
aku dh penah cite rasanya psl 1st time pose dulu. hehehhehe