Memuah Iftar 2011 at the Little Pantry with pink cosplay!!

Last weekend was more like a hangout weekend. The thought that it was the last weekend spent before Hari Raya here in KL made the road full of cars, shops full of people and even shopping complex like IOI was out of parking space. Yep, Cembam and I went to IOI last Saturday to have our Memuah Iftar at the Little Pantry. Organized by Jard, we managed to gather and had our break fast together this year. Alhamdulillah...

Well, from Bangi I used the ASTRO road coming from Sri Serdang because we stopped at Beryl's chocolate factory as they are having raya sale for their chocolates. But I don't really know whether they are way cheaper from the other brands outside but if I compare it with famous amos, Beryl's are 2 times cheaper..ekeke.

Once arrived at IOI, we recce the place first and went for window shopping. Cembam bought a Raya Sandal and after that we just sat on the bench waiting for Maghrib. Texted Masy of our plan after we bought sirap bandung and apam kecik2 tu from Jusco foodcourt. When Masy texted "masuk waktu dah", I broke my fast and everyone was like looking at us with this stare "oi..dah buka ke?". Hahaha..

After maghrib, we headed to the little Pantry. Everyone was already there dipping into their meal and chewing those chunks of food. Salam2 with the Memuah fellows and I aimed the food stall first. Jambu Madu!!! I spooned a fair portion of the rojak buah, avoided the rice and tried every single food there.

Who joined this time Memuah Iftar?;

Iftar Memuah 2011

Iftar Memuah 2011

Iftar Memuah 2011

Iftar Memuah 2011

Iftar Memuah 2011

Iftar Memuah 2011

I ate as much as I want. The gravy chicken was quite nice, Cembam looks satisifed with the dishes. But like always, I had way more fruit than the food. Ekekeke. I had 3 full plates of rojak buah. Sengkuang, guava, rose apple and pineapple. The pineapple was so crunchy!!! Ahhhh~~~ I could still feel them in my mouth as I nice!!!

Then we had a little belated birthday celebration for Keri. I don't know who bought the cake. Trilion of thanks for that.

Iftar Memuah 2011

So there goes Keri, the youngest memuah blowing the candles. Actually, he did it twice for the sake of perfect photos for Jard the Garnier model. Ekekekeke. The cake was nice too. I had enough cake during my project work years ago. When everyone was getting ready to go home, my slice of cake was still intact on the plate. I tried to finish it which I succeeded!! The cake was so soft and not too rich to make me able to finish it.

Then we took some pictures like always;

Iftar Memuah 2011

The 'suri rumah sangap'. Malay version of Desperate Housewives. Ahahahaha!!!! 3 of them counting days to have babies!! Little Memuah Juniors!!

Cembam - 7 months
Aima - 5 months
Erina - 3 months

A 2-month gap. Aima and my kid might be delivered within the same year.

Iftar Memuah 2011

The complete 6 pairs of the day!!!! So great time spent. We laughed, chatted, keeping up with ourselves, shared information, received Raya cards and also fridge magnet. Thanks for all of these guys!!

Alhamdulillah this year we managed to have our Memuah Iftar together again. With more people (plus those in the tummies) but we shared a nice time like always. Thanks again to Jard as the organizer and for the sponsor too. 

We could break our fast but please don't ever break this friendship!!! I still remember having fradoo at Erina's stall after I first stumbled into her blog and learned about it. I saw her at the cashier's desk and I know it was her. But at that time I couldn't wave at her and said "hi..i know you...I read your blog" coz she didn't even know who I was. But now, we are friends!!!

We never knew and sometimes forget how it started. But being friends with you guys are such a nice side effect of blogging!!!

Memuah Rulez!!!!


Masy said…
yeaaaaahhhhhhhh best2! btw, kek itu adelah tajaan Wafa. she supposed to bake one, but i guess since Iyan followed, sume benda pun dia terlupa! heyyyyyy pen pon tinggal! dapat kt aku laaa hahahahah!!

terharu terharu mcm biasa. kali ni x dapek nk lumpat kahkahkah!!
HEMY said…
ahahha..kerana cinta kek ku terabai...tajuk lagu jiwang terbaru di pasaran dengan lagu bonus - penku tertinggal di pantry

ko lompat2 kang keguguran plak..ahahaha
Erina Asmawani said…
yezza..siapa sangka kan kita bley jadi serapat ini, dr blog je pun :)

Nice entry, nice pics bro!
gambar kapel2 tu tergelak aku tengok Iyan..ape dia buat tu sebenarnya..hahaha

Thanks guys for everything. Memuahh!
Anonymous said…
br perasan tulisan maskeri tu memang 'mekah'
Jard The Great said…
ok. tak aci.. apsal gmbr first je ada "cupcake cinta" eh?

aim-a said…
sgt lah suwettt and best entry ni!! mau nangis sbb terharu..yeah!!!sedar tak sedar dah 3 tahun lebih ek kite kawan..dari dunia blog ke realiti.

insyaallah pasni memuah raya plak.

wah!!mcm muvie.hahahhaa
zonaku said…

erm, cam nk blk keje sanaa......... (jgn gtau famili aku lagi)
HEMY said…
orait...memuah raya...ada rezeki aku try le ajak dtg umah aku yg sekangkang keri tu...
❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
tang dari bandung ke mekah tu sumpah aku nak LOL..hahah
surirumah sangap?? cam siot je..haha
k.e.r.i. said…
mula-mula yang konpem 5 orang je; aku, kak masy, jard, wafa dan iyan.
lain-lain tu aku faham lah kenapa tak boleh nak bagi kata putus lagi.
(sorry for my emo before that. hehe.)
last-last semua dapat kumpul.
gila ah best.
pastu dapat pulak kek (deeply thanks to wafa!), birthday scroll, fridge magnet & kak raya.
thanks guys!
Masy said…
KAK raya pon boleeeeeeeeeeeeee