I'm a Muslim and I respect other religions

I'm currently reading a novel entitled ISABELLA. I learned about it from Kapten Atok and somehow there's a blog publishing the novel via online, so when I clicked on the link given by Kapten and read couple of paragraphs, I felt so interested to it and keep on reading till now.

It's a novel about how Injil and Christianity is being compared and debated with Qur'an and Islam. I've only read 4 chapters so far but it has already gave me a clear perception on how Christianity is nothing more than an engineered religion without basic created by some people and has been manipulated through years of its existence.

No offense to any Christians whom dropped by here. We as Muslim has never been taught to treat any religions as enemies. We respect everyone's beliefs. But when it comes to the real truth and real religion, we stick to Islam till our last breath InsyaAllah. You can read the novel here.

We always heard how Islam has been aimed, treated as a terrorist religion when deep in your heart you know that the real terrorist is that self-claimed almighty country - USA. We often see lots of movies, cartoons and any other means of media clearly talking bad about Islam. You called our prophet Muhammad SAW with every bad name you could think of.

But let me ask you one thing. Have you ever heard or saw us Muslims clearly talking bad about other religions? How often you could bumped into an article or any media where us Muslims talking bad about other religions? I've watched some youtube videos how a guy sooo happy and enthusiastically ripped our Quran. He even put a hole in it with a drilling tool and felt proud of it. Have you ever watched the same thing done by us Muslim to your bible? Yes some might do it but as a protest. But never just for fun.

We respect other religions. Even when I play game online, the chat usually went crazy with cursing Islam, our Almighty Allah and etc. I always giggled by myself and thought how hard you guys try to make Islam looks that bad and try to cover your baseless religion as best as you could by tainting our religion. It's just foolish for me to reply those bad-mouth people cursing my religion because I know that they are stupid people who are probably never pray to his/her god at all for whatever religion it is. They probably do not have any religion at all.

Just my 2cents =]

-peace and barakallahulakum-


Fiza Z. Abidin said…
:) sb dlm Islam tidak diajar utk memusuhi agama lain...
syah shah said…
agreed with your point... tapi kan kekadang aku hangen jugak... especially with muslims sendiri yang memburukkan Islam di mata non-muslim with their bad habits and doing... Sedeh owh.