Healthy Bebird!!

"We gonna go there at 8.00. By 7.30, we should be getting ready"

Appointment has been made for our first meet up with the doctor that will be our savior on that big day of welcoming our hero. The appointment said 9A.M but they said if you went there early and the doctor is already available, they will entertain you even before the given time.

But the next thing I knew, I was looking at a big tembam white face in front of me smiling. And in that half-awaken state, I heard "8.15 already~~~". Bwahaaha...7.30 konon!!!

Took a shower, grabbed my bag, helmet and my locker key, we left the house and arrived at Az-Zahrah 5 minutes later. Dekat je pun. Registered Cembam's name and after 20 minutes waiting, she was summoned by the doctor. Doctor Nuraini. The usual drill - Urine test, blood test and baby scan.

Cembam was there lying on her back with her big belly. The doctor spread a gel over her tummy and start scanning. On the first spot that the doc put that scanner on Cembam's belly, the doctor already said "wahhh....soalan cepumas already answered".

Ekekeke..there was my boy showing proudly his penis to the doctor. Bwahahahahaahaha!!!! So clear till the doctor could show us those 2 balls...a healthy bebird!!! Ahhahaahaha!!! So, confirmed his a boy. After that we paid for the bills, took the prescribed medicine, I fetched my bike and went to the office.

Hmmm..another 6 weeks..ya..around 6 weeks and my life gonna change for sure...!!!


Pocket said…
baby boy!!
sila beli pedang conan kat dia,
mertun Mainan(Toy Hammer) instead of Toy senduk n pot

ada teman nak nengok bola pas ni :D
Masy said…
show off bebird, blom pape dah menurun pangai ko ni nunul hahahah!!!

eh takde laa aku maksudkan pangai ko suka show off bebird, tp gitu2lah. alaaaa malaslah nk explain. hahaha
zonaku said…
hahahaa... aku ingt ko nk kata anul suka tunjuk bebird dia...

memuah junior yang sulung lelaki.. harap blh jaga adik2 pompuan nanti...
Erina Asmawani said… komen kak masy..weee..bestnye dah tau gender baby..cant wait for our time plak :D
HEMY said…
pocket..aku panggil martol...hammer tu..hehehehe

masy, dem...ko kata masa suh aku tunjuk bebird kat ko, ko akan rahsiakan dari sume orang..jahat la ko..mungkir janji..

zonaku, hehehe...

erina, tak tau lagi best kang payah nk beli baju