Another 2 months ==', once I reached home, Cembam has already waited for me. We were going to attend her school's iftar. Cembam forgot the car key so she had to go upstairs to fetch it. We arrived around 7.15P.M and when the it was time to fast-break, I had a nice potato curry puffs and a very great taste of kuih pelita. Take note, I'm not a fan of kuih muih but that kuih pelita were soooo delicious.

Then we preformed maghrib prayer before the real deal of the meal. Not bad. For RM15, we had a beef masak lemak, udang masak pedas, ikan masak cili, mix veggies, fried chicken, a bowl of super nice marinated kerang and jagung rebus.

I sat at the table behind Cembam's. She had her meal with her fellow teachers while me mingling with the guys. Some are the school teachers and some are the student's parents. We had our nice Iftar meal while talking about house. Hmmm..a hot topic for this millenium though. Couple of new residence were discussed like Akademia, Bukit Mahkota, Teras Jenang and etc. I would really gonna hunt one once we are so ready to grab it. For now, hmmm...not the right time yet.

Well, after finishing the bowl of kerang and had another piece of sweet corn, we left the school and was trying to find permata hijrah store but to no avail. I think I really need an eye solution just to sooth my eyes after hours of staring the monitor and preventing my eyesight getting worse. Not sure if Permata Hijrah is no more coz I heard from my friend that they were accused of scam and he claimed that they filled in just a plain water and nothing special about it. I don't know.

Before going home, Cembam suggested we stopped by at al-Ikhsan store. She wanted to buy a t-shirt for his little brother. Satisfied with 2 pairs of them, we then walked towards the baby shop. It's a big shop with baby's stuffs from head to toe. I saw couple of time they had a sale with a canopy stretched out of the shop. Tonight was our first time shopping for the baby!!!

The first item we bought for the baby was a wooden heavy cabinet that I purchased to store the baby's merchandise. Then 2nd item was the bath tub (do we call it bath tub)? And tonight we bought 3 pairs of clothes for him!!! Waa..even Daddy just bought RM5 t-shirt woh~~~~ =(. We jot down some prices for the diapers so we could compare it with the one at Sabak. My colleague bought whole bunch of pampers from Sabak from time to time. She claimed that they are cheaper there. So I want to test the market out.

Bought one like this.

One like this

And a normal 2-piece cloth like this.

3 types of that as an experiment of which one would make the baby more comfortable. Plus each one might be for different use =].

Haish after this, the allocation of the salary would be way more towards the baby. Hope Allah will ease it up with HIS rahmat. 

Daddy takleh nak beli barang mahal sangat dah utk Daddy skang...huhuhuhu~~~


Masy said…
Then we preformed maghrib prayer <-- preformed? semayang separuh2 ke hehehe

pengorbanan tu.. takpe.. budak tu dah besau sok, ko pau laaa virago sebijik. hahahaahahhah
zonaku said…
kot time tu larat lagi nk layan virago... ker dah x wujud dah virago by then.

hahahaha... area sect 8, rmh aku dulu, bertentang ngan PKNS bangi dulu ada satu. row y ada briyani ghazal n klinik lisa alis.
anwar said…
welcome to the club.. aku pun dah lama tak berbelanja utk diri sendiri.. byk habiskn utk yusuf dan adiknya-coming-soon.. :)

p/s: beli pampers dan susu kat kampung2 lagi murah.. aku dah survey ;)

by the way, permata hijrah ada kat sederet ngan klinik Lita Alis bandar baru bangi.. (kalo tak silap, aku pernah nampak kedai tu kat situ)
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
takpelah daddy...brg2 daddy dh byk dh...kasut je dh bape pasang :P..time for baby plak..
Kniedaz said…
bila ada baby...secara automatik semua untuk baby didulukan...biasala tu..baju anak lagi mahal dari baju mak abah..
Erina Asmawani said…
tol2..bila dah nak jadik ayah..mmg kena pengorbanan..sekarang family first ;)