Wimbledon 2011 Finals

Yosh!!! This year's Wimbledon Final for Men Single would be between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic!!! Djoko defeated Jo Wilfred Tsonga last night and Nadal beat Andy Murray and I managed to watch both of the matches last night. Very tip top matches.

Well, I'm really looking forward to watch this Wimbledon Final. This year, Nadal managed to compete against Djokovic 2 times in a final match and both have been won by Djoko. And the worst part is that Nadal never managed to win even a set from both of the matches.

Arghh..it's gonna be a revenge match for Nadal I think and it's gonna be a bloody match!!

Go Nadal!! Please win it for this time!!! I root for you!!!

Tonight will be the Final match for Women single. It's a match between a slowly coming to the top - Maria Sharapova and her screaming signature every match =p and Petra Kvitova. I've been rooting for Sharapova since the beginning of this year's Wimbledon and glad she managed to get into the final.

She was once the number 1 player but a major shoulder injury causing her to rest and now she's slowly trying to claim it back from Wozniacki who lost in the very first round this year.

Go Maria Sharapova!!! I've been rooting for you since you got back in the business..Ah, and since I have Astro Sport actually. Ekekekekeke!!!!

Scream out loud and winner the ball bebeh!!!!


Anonymous said…
djokovic lg kuat eh
tak tau
HEMY said…
tahun ni nadal tak penah menangn ngn djoko..ni tgh tgok ni pn dh kalah 2 set