My First Home??

When I was still a kid and having to watch circus during Hari Raya was such a feast back then, I've already a small boy with an ambitious dream and angan-angan to be 'someone' in the future.

I pictured myself being a pilot, an ultraman, a superhero with his winning posture after saving a girl that I have crushed on with a huge explosion behind me. But most of the time I pictured myself with a nicely ironed black suit, striped necktie and having discussion with foreigners, a tele-conference and etc.

And looking at me now, I kinda achieved that minus the suit and the necktie part. I also imagined myself back then having a nice home, nice wives..yess...wives. I like few girls when I was a boy and I pictured them as my wives. Ahahahahaha!!!!

--------Simpang malaikat 44. Amit amit jambang bayik-------

Ok sambung...

Now, talking about home. A house, a place where you live your life with your loved one, building your family, watching your kids growing up and hopefully the place where you gonna have your last breath.

A house is such a huge thing in our life especially in our current economy. It's getting more and more expensive and trust me, it will surely lead to the same scenario as Japan where paying your house would need 3 generations to have it finished.

If only my house is as nice as this, with that green spacious front-yard where my kids can chase each others, rolling on them and hearing them shrieking joyfully here and there. Having evening tea on that small round table..ahhh~~~~ so niceeee huh?

When would it be the time for us to have our own small house? We don't need it to be a huge bungalow with big front-yard or swimming pool. A 2-storey terrace house with a nice neighbours is more than enough.

my dream house

Everytime when you think "another 2 years I would probably have enough money to buy my first house", the price would be running away from you even further. And those words just now will be mumbled for years and years till the day somehow you actually managed to have that money to buy that house. 

Bottom line, you know that the house price will keep on getting higher and higher, but you can't do anything about it. And the last thing you know, you have to commute 120KM from your house to your workplace because that's the only place where you could afford to buy your own house. 

I pray and I am hoping that I would have my own house, I mean our own house sooner or later. 



Kapten Atok said…
yg selesa
dan jiran baik
tu yg ptg
Fyzal said…
seriously.. i too cant wait to have my very own house. in which you can decide how the interiors looks like :)
Masy said…
insyaallah.. ade rejeki ko nanti, merasalah berumah baru. bkn berorang rumah baru ye. hahahahha
Erina Asmawani said…

tak tahan kekecik dah berangan nak bini banyak tu..hahaha
syah shah said…
Amin YA Rabbal 'Alaminn... :D :D

Yang pinjaman gomen 100% tu kan ade? Tapi apepun, tetap kena menabung atlest 10K untuk urusan-urusan lain... Hoho~ :D
anwar said…
amin.. doa2kn utk aku gak..
cikceriacorner said…
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zurainah said…
Amin..semoga tercapai cita-cita ko tu..=)
HEMY said…
mekasih utk sume yg amin kan...kita doa sama2 moga dimudahkan rezeki kita utk beli rumah masing2 ek