Lazy Friday

Adehhh...pedih pedih weh nye pun adoiiiii~~~~~ 

Waiting for the news is already a huge trial and upon getting the news is a bigger challenge. Haish~~ But no matter how the news would turn out, I just being grateful and syukur to ease that disappointment. Hmmm..enough said =].

Last night cembam didn't feeling well. After maghrib, once she finished ironing her outfit, we went to our favourite clinic. The doctor checked her and asked some questions and prescribed the medicine. Before leaving the place, we went into the Hot Sport shop. It's like AL-Ikhsan shop la. I was attracted by the discounts posters.

Belek-belek, compare the prices with Al-Ikhsan (to those that I remember) and checked the size. Shoes discount will usually favor the 8-10 size owners. Me, 7 is the typical malay guys size would always be disappointed. 

Finally I bought a slippers, but a decent one which I could use more than just going to the shop. And then Cembam asked for a pair as well. Hmm..OK. Ameklah~~~ Ahahahahaha. Jadila..buying something for Cembam when I got some extra money kan. Thanking her for all the hardships, the every night hot drinks and etc. Hehehe.

Later we tapaued some food for dinner. Having it while watching Sharapova game and Cembam chatting with her friend in FB. I spotted something;

"Abang orang pun kalau buat standard rega tu", chatting about a wedding album package with her friend. 

Straightaway I teased her. "malunyaaaaaaaaaa" while covering my face. Cembam was blurred at first and asked "nape?". 

"Abang tuuu...malunyeeeeeeeeee "abang"..malunyeeeee"

Ahahahaha...Cembam giggled and then we laughed hard. Hahaha!! Ya..we always use KAU AKU je since couple till now. When I call her Cembam, it's very hard for her to answer and at the end I will call her WEH, or WA. The same goes to her. Suh panggil Laling, malu-malu biawak komodo. But I know he use abang to address me when he chatted with her friend.

Cishhhh..hipokrit tol!! AHahahahaha!!!


Erina Asmawani said…
hahahahahaha..kelaka ar ko ni adoyainye pun. Dengan kekawan mestilah kaberline romantik2 gitu. Barulah manis tak kurma ini..hahaha

get well soon Cembam
Masy said…
But I know he use abang to address me when he chatted with her friend.

HE????? ko kawen dgn sape ni weh! hahaahhahah
HEMY said…
ekeke..typos plak..

tulah..tapi aku blushing la kalu ckp dpn aku...ahahahahahah
zonaku said…
hahaha....... bg biawak komodo trs......

ko ni, x agak2
zella y said…
hahha..jahat ko ckp bini ko camtu..ala...dah tu je panggilan yg selesa..mcm adik aku la,panggil bini dgn nama je..same la dgn bini dia panggil dia tp klu dlm bilik aku xtau la dorang panggil ape plak kui3....

la...kaki ko lg kecik dr kaki aku...hehehhe