Ice Cream and my Teenagehood

Let's continue about how Ice cream revolved around me =]

When I was 15 year-old, we moved to our new house on a land which is supposed to be owned by my father. The old house was on a land that is gonna be inherited by abah's brother. My brothers and sisters quickly known by the villagers as we went to the surau almost everyday and Mom has already known by most of the people there.

The Imam's house was located next to the surau. Now, Wak Mumtamah, the wife of the once our imam before he passed away last year loved to make tied ice cream or you can call it Ice Cream Malaysia or Ice Cream Ikat. It was very nice to have someone selling it just 20 meters away from your house and that we would always buy one when we prayed at the surau. And the best part - she sold them for only 10cents!!

Speaking about Ice Cream Malaysia, I do think most of us have tasted one during any of their life phase and you might have your own favorite flavor. Me? I love bubur kacang the most. I think the only place I've ever managed to bought one was from the canteen during my afternoon school 18 years ago. My friend's mom was the one running the canteen. Everytime we saw her with that blue ice cream container, we will rush and queue to buy one. And definitely I would ask for bubur kacang flavor. Oh my..the taste was so nice.

16 year-old, I worked for 20 days at Penang (think I've shared the story here) and I had the privilege to buy an Ice cream every night after terawih using the money I got from selling the engine oil at my post. I tried every single one. From Paddle Pop, Wall's, Mat Kool. From cone, stick to tupperware types. And the best part was that I never had to share with anyone!!! Ekekekeke. It was the time that I felt I could taste a bit of the luxury of life =]

When I went to college, the scholarship money will sometimes used to treat my family the tupperware Ice-cream. We bought the loaf-bread, the cones and we dip into the ice cream as we like. We siblings really had fun with Ice Cream and we would always brought back the memories on how we had to search every penny we could to buy a Pop Ice Cream to be shared.

Every bite and that chilling sensation would bring lotsa smile and memories.