Ice cream and my childhood

Ice Cream is one of the best delicacy ever created and it's loved by almost everyone. When someone doesn't really like or eat ice cream, there must be reasons behind it. Sensitive teeth, too sweet or it makes you vomit right after having a scoop. Yah, the last one did happen to me when I had a McDonald Ice cream that one day.

When I was a kid, Ice Cream was surely a drug to us. When you really wanted it, you'd do anything to get that 10 cents to buy the ice pop. I would scavenge ngisor kolong (below the house) hoping to find that silver dime lying anywhere there. I would even shared with my sisters or brothers 5 cents each. It was very easy to share it coz you could always break the pop ice into two evenly.

Ice Cream Pop was the most popular ice cream during my childhood. It's a symbol of friendship and bonds. You buy one, snapped it into two and give one part to your friend. And instead of that cold feeling of the ice cream, you can sense the warmth from the one giving it to you =].

When I was in my primary school another hot selling ice cream was the redbean ice cream. It's a stick ice cream with a cheap paper wrapper. It was always a thrill to buy the ice cream every single time. You see, the Ice cream will have 1/3 of it on the tip as red beans. But the portion would always differs. Some woul have half of it red beans and some even 2/3 of it red beans. Most of us love the beans more. That is why it was so thrilling to buy one.

"Waa..look at mine!! Almost the whole thing red bean!!!". Wow it was so much fun just because of a stick of ice cream.

Then a bit more expensive ice cream back then, 30 cents during the first it was sold is Coco Bar Ice cream. A chocolate ice-cream with some crushed nuts all over it and a vanilla flavor in the inside. It's a way cheaper version of Magnum Ice cream yet having one of them during my childhood was such a feast. I asked my sister last weekend to buy some Ice cream and that Coco Bar is still exists with a price of 60cents. Every bite felt so nostalgic. But I just managed to get 2 bites before Cembam wanted it and asking me to have the red beans one. Sigh~~~

These are some of the Ice cream potong that I love when I was a kid and even now. If you go to the shops in the country side, kampung2, they might still have these in their freezer.

And I still remember there's one red bean ice cream with a paper wrapper printed with a red indian cartoon. Red Indian, Red it? 30cents. The texture and the nice taste of the red bean was so nice. I loved it so much. The ice cream always sold out pretty quick. So sometimes before I went to school around 7.15 A.M, I stopped by the shop, Kedai Kadir and bought one. that very early morning, I bought the ice cream and indulged every single munch while cycling towards the school. There goes my 30 cents pocket money out of 70 cents. Ahahahaha!!!

Ahh~~~ Ice cream..oh Ice cream~~~


beLLa said…
omaigod! rse nak makan aiskem malaysia la plak malam2 cmni. ;p
zella y said…
aku suka mkn ais krim potong...
sedap..lg2 kacang... lain2 perisa aku xsuka...

kalau yg ais krim pop tu beli 1 tp boleh kongsi dua org kn...sbb tgh2 tu boleh patah kan keh2...jimat...
Erina Asmawani said…
waa..kenangan kenangan..tapi aku masa kekecik x suka beli aiskrim cam ni..suka beli aiskrim calong..kling kling kling..depan sekolah. Sedappp!Suka makan wafer dia..

bila dah besau skit..tahan mat kool mat kool kawan aiskrim yg jual aiskrim mat kool..haha..skrg de lagi ke ha moto aiskrim mat kool tu?
Masy said…
yeaahhhh eskrem hok red beans mmg sedap! pop ice pon best. ai loikeeeeee
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
vote for eskrem malaysia. eskrem milo!


tp klu ko nak blanja baskin robin, aku ok je