Guys and his shoes. or simply MyShoes and I..

Shoes are the only thing that will make me say "singgah sini sat" whenever I walked passed couple of shops in the shopping mall just to window shopping, adoring how nice the merchandise are and looking at the prices hoping to see a green sticker with "70%" written on it so I could grab one of them impulsively not because I need it now, but I need it way later and why not have one when the price offered was seriously a great deal??

And all that words in the first paragraph up there is just to tell you that I've bought a new pair of shoe last Friday night while waiting for my department's bowling outing to commence. I stopped by at one of the shop, looking at the sizes available and BAMMM!!!, I saw a nice figure on that thin white price tag and the next thing I know, a plastic bag contains a pair of white Reebok shoe was in my hand. =]

When I reached home, it's already late, I put it inside the newly bought wooden cabinet I prepared for our first child and Cembam was awaken by it. So the next morning, she already knew about the shoe. Kantoi. And suddenly I just decided to take a photo of footwear that I currently have. So here it is.


I want this to be a memory or history of what I used to own. People said every single thing has its own story. And indeed they have. We gonna look at those footwear like the way you read a clock.

Center - My white Nike Capri. Bought on 18th March 2009 for my birthday. So white I wouldn't dare to kick the ball while playing takraw coz I didn't want it to get tainted. I washed the stained while watching Astro after that but at the end I just wore it to kick and kick till it worn out like that. My housemate once said "sebelum ni bukan main basuh tiap hari..eekkeke". And my answer was, "bukan tknak kalau basuh aku tak smpi ati nak sepak bola". Hehehe

1 o'clock - Hantaran Kawin. It's supposed to be the next takraw shoe after the Capri torn out. But right after my marriage, the playing spot was changed, I moved and I couldn't find time and place to play here, the replacement plan gonna be a few years ahead =]

3 o'clock - Sandal that I bought when I got my bonus this year. Not much, so I can't buy pricy stuff. But I bought for Cembam a pair as well.

6 o'clock - Another hantaran kawin. I had a nike sandal last time. But it's already worn out. So I washed it and keep it at my hometown as a spare if I might need it sometimes. It's an Adidas sandal that I wore right after my marriage and has been traveled to many parts of Malaysia =]. Love it so much.

8 o'clock - Black Adidas tennis shoe. This is the current one I wear to play tennis. I bought it during our Langkawi trip right after attending my sister in-law wedding ceremony in Kedah. On sale, so I just swiped and owned it. The sole was already peeling off because I carelessly kept it inside the car boot for days and forgot how the heat could do damage to many things =[. But I sewed it back nicely though.

9 o'clock - Used to be my tennis shoe. But it's a multipurpose shoe for me now a.k.a my backup when suddenly I just decided to play tennis. I wear it to the office and travel if I decided not to wear my sandal. When I bought the 8 o'clock one, I've already decided that this shoe is gonna be my multi purpose shoe coz it's black and look nice even to be wore casually. And Cembam said "Ok gak. Yang ni jangan wat main. Sayang tapak. wat jalan. Yang baru ni wat main". Love her!!!

Last but not least, 12 o'clock - My newly bought white Reebok shoe. Old design, last pairs and it makes the price one hell of a great deal. I tried the size 7, a bit tight and there was no 7.5. So I decided to buy the size 8. It's my first size 8 shoe!!!

I love them all and they have their own purposes to serve me!!!


zella y said…
wah....sebagai seorang lelaki...byk jugak kasut ko erk...

aku payah btol nak cr kasut...knp lah susah sgt kedai kasut ppuan nak buat kasut size 10/11...

HEMY said…
hehe..byk sebab kasut khas utk setiap benda..ekekeke
syah shah said…
laki aku cuma ada tiga, satu safety boot, satu selipar jalan, satu kasut bola yang dah berlobang-lobang... Disebabkan main bola pon jarang gila, jadi tak beli baru... memang tak terlawan laa ngan ko... :D