Weekend a.k.a School Holiday

Been a while huh since my last entry. Being in 2 weeks of training with so minute of input being digested due to a totally new thing from the one I've been doing. But yet it's so nice to see something out of your ordinary task once in a while.

I'm watching Narnia the Dawn Trader. Just remembered about this movie and asked my friend to download it for me. The premier screening ticket of this movie that I've won were given to my blogger friend, Dayah months ago.

I always love a fiction story. No matter if it's a futuristic one or a magical land filled with unique creatures (I love the 2nd one better), I would always enjoy them no matter how the storyline were.


I'm on leave till this Wednesday. Well, a part of being a husband to a teacher, your annual leave would be 'schooling' accordingly =]. On Thursday night, we headed home, Sabak Bernam and had our dinner at Ikan Bakar Jeram. We rarely used the route so when I spotted that signboard, I quickly remembered some of my friend's FB status when they dined in at the place. Satisfying late dinner I could say. Cembam loved the sambal so much.

We arrived around 1.30A.M and it's the start of our school holiday adventure. I continue tomorrow la..nak tido.



Masy said…
huk aloh.. ingtkan ade cite panjang td. hahaahaha
CAHAYA said…
selamat bercuti. dan beradventure. :)
HEMY said…
aku taip2 dh tgh malam plak..eh..dh kul 1.30 pg..aku tido lah..ahahaha
Erina Asmawani said…
tau xpe...sekontot ni je plak citenye..anti klimaks tol la..hahaa