Weekend accompanied by Jessica Biel and Anne Hethaway

Watching Valentine's Day, 2010 movies. Many of great beautiful actresses in this movie. Anne Hethaway, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba and some more. Well I love Anne Hethaway so much..or Jessica Biel? Err...Damn I love them both so much. Ekekekeke=].

I watched lots of movies during this 6-day off. Hehehe..well, what else to do man. I always need to do something with my time. If not, I will just gonna spend it by taking a nap, getting up late in the afternoon, then napping again and it goes on and on and on. My Sabak's house doesn't have a proper TV aerial so the channels are just out of reach. The last time I went home without the personal laptop and just my company's laptop with just 3-hour worth of battery and not bringing the charger along!!! Oh I had to scavenged through the DVDs in the TV cabinet's drawer and found a nice movie to watch - Undisputed 3!! So nice I asked my friend to download it for me.

Now I'm at my in-law's and my FIL is.. *****Damn Anne Hethaway is kissing that lucky guy!!! Fuck!!!*** Ahahaha...oh continue my story. My FIL likes to watch movies too. Most of his night would be sitting on the chair doing his electric therapy and watch the movies he copied from his daughter and some from me. He likes the investigation type the most which I don't really fancy. Huhuhu. So I couldn't give him nice movies to be copied. *****shit now Jessica Biel is kissing some black guy!!!! Arhhh!!!*******.

Yesterday, the family made a Ketupat Sotong. It was my first time tasting it. You have to peel of the skin first and then you filled them up with sticky rice and boil them with coconut milk. The first Sotong was so nice...but the 2nd one felt so heavy. It really is a heavy dish. You know sticky rice and coconut milk..fuhh..heavy. But really nice. Ekal ate 4 of them..ahahahaha!!!

And the rest of the days here having fresh fishes is so nice~~~~~~ 


syah shah said…
ko suke nengok cite ape? chick flicks eh? muahahahah :P :P
HEMY said…
sori tak paham la chick flicks...ahahaha...aku tgok sume citer..mana best..tp mostly yg lawan2 la