Thanks Allah It's Friday!!

Finished with all the Memuah Penang Trip entry at last. I hope you can just save the pictures from my entries and do whatever you like with them, posted them, FBed them or print them. Huhuhu.

Cembam sekolah tomorrow. She was selected and entrusted with the role of the MC for tomorrow's sports day at her school. Ekekeke. She was holding a paper with all the names need to be mentioned tomorrow and I wast teasing her.

"Fuiyooo...jadi MC tu. Ngapal macam tahfiz tu. Aku kalau setakat ganti Pak Nil pn no hal haa..."

Ahahahaha!!! I'm not bragging, but I do have natural talent to host some event or something to do about talking with a crowd of people listening to it. I still remember back then during the college days, we had this phantomen (is it spell like this?), you know the acting like theater one but the actors wouldn't need to use their voices but using the narrator instead. They just miming..yaa..that one. 

I was a bidan terjun when someone called me after spotting me walking to the foodcourt.

"Tabu (my college nickname). Hang tolong sat. Tak cukup narrator la pentomen kita. Hang jadi narrator sat"

I just did it for them, narrated the acting with another narrator which was also my friend and we got a huge laugh from the audience and we just simply won it. AHahaha!!! After that, no more being the actor. I was the narrator for every pentomen that involved our floor. Hehehehe!!

I also have to log into my system tomorrow in the evening. The system upgrade that is currently being worked on seems to cause more issues than all the previous ones. Resulting on lots of pending testing and extra effort on finding the solution. And the last meeting this evening said they require resource to continue the testing once the solution is in place tomorrow. Hmm..I don't really mind working during the weekend for few hours as long as it's at home. Don't mind if there's no OT or no replacement leave. Why? Coz I came late every now and then, take a break from the job playing foosball and learning how to play pool. Very flexible working hours as long as we deliver the job. So few hours of doing weekend work should be OK for me if I don't have any plan...=]

Oh, forgot~~ I was being wished "Happy Father's Day" by Wafa when we were waiting for our plane back to KL. It was my first Father's Day wish I had and I was blushing when I heard it. Huhuhu..Thanks Wafa!!!

Want to watch Wimbledon now. Hehehe. Watched Hantuchova playing just now. Dunno the result coz I play dota after that. I think Azarenka surely won. Hehehehe!!