Penang Memuah Trip - Final Episode. HardRock Penang

I'm not really sure why Hard Rock Cafe could be seen and considered and iconic landmark where you could find their t-shirt being worn by lots of people. The branding is so strong to a point where wearing their t-shirt will not causing any issue like you wear a carlsberg t-shirt. I've never heard people saying "oi..takleh pakai baju hard rock cafe semayang". Well, you can wear it..hukum makruh wearing those animals picture on your shirt to pray. But I'm not talking about hukum but I'm talking about how Hard Rock Cafe is being treated biasly =p. Ekekeke

After finished with our dinner that last night of Penang Memuah, Zona asked me if I wanna go to HardRock. I answered NO because I want to eat the rambutan at the resort. So everyone did agree on that. However, I missed the junction to our resort that night. I didn't wear my spec and during daylight, I can hardly tell the junction with the small signboard across the road. So missing it during the night is an obvious thing.

So, alang2 terlajak, we just headed to HardRockCafe. Maybe we just destined to visit it on our last night there. Parked the van, Cembam stayed inside, we took some photographs there.


This is the Hard Rock hotel. With it's purplish neon lite, it looks so nice


The  symbolic icon of Hard Rock. Rock you like a hurricane!!!


Masy yang bersungguh nak petik gitar sambil menayang kemontokan beliau


The hotel lobby with the nice lights arrangement. The colors would change every now and then.


Erina. Sorry, the picture is not that nice. It's hard to make sure your face bright coz the neon lights would be getting tooo bright and the other way around.


 The Memuah ladies posing as always.



I don't know who this is. But surely someone so important in relation with Hard Rock

Well, that's the end of my Memuah Penang story. On Sunday, we headed to the airport after subuh prayer. Bought some McD breakfast that cost me Rm17!!! What the fuck U McD...mahaiiii~~ And my coffee ended up on my lap inside the aeroplane. The Samurai Umbrella was asked by the stewardess to be kept as it's too long according to her. During the custom check, they had a look on it ensuring there's no sharp metal point. Glad I could bring it back in one piece.

Arriving at LCCT, I asked Cembam to text her sis asking if it's OK to pick us up from there. Well, the original plan was to take a bus to Putrajaya Sentral. But, it would just be the same and nicer if her sis could pick us up. And she agreed but she just asked us to wait coz it's a late notice for her too.

So we just wait inside that air-conditioned place, looking at the books till she came. As a bonus I showed her another route from our house to LCCT, using highway but no toll. Ehehehe!! Thanks yah Acik for sending and picking us up. 

Well I do hope we would be able to gather again in the nearest future. Till then!!! Memuah Rulez!!!!


k.e.r.i. said…
itu tugu maikel jeksen. kot.
Jard The Great said…
konfem entri ini tidak diblock RTM esok. hahahaha
Masy said…
mmg maikel jeksen pon. congtazz keri. hehehehehehe
zonaku said…
aku ingatkan aku jer x tau...

masa memula tgk dulu.. DULU yer.. aku ingatkan diorg buat patung francis light. rupanya MJ
nice pictures!!

saye duk penang,tp tk pnh pon g posing2 kt hard rock tu lagik..hee~
syah shah said…
pendapat ko tentang hard rock ni sama cam aku...

tapi lightings sangat cantek... ai ske ai ske ai ske~
Masy said…
zona, klu dorg letak patung francis light dah x hard rock dah tempat tu... mau btukau jadi muzium gamaknye hehehehehhehe
HEMY said…
aku tak tengok btul2 pn patung tu...aku cuma tau patung tu duduk.tu je..ahahahha
❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
aku terase..sbb aku da start berjangkit kumpul baju hard rock..wuwuwu
aim-a said…
francis light pi hard

wah!!!keri kenal mikel jeksen ek? :P
HEMY said…
bella..ahaha..kumpul je la..ramai kawan aku beli baju..cumenya apa yg aku pk tu just my personal thought je..hehehe
PnConfused said…

akupon igt francis light... ;P
zonaku said…
yeay............ i am not alone! hahahahaaaaaaaa.. sebab penang lebih significant ngan francis light dr MJ kan?