Nureen Tahani. The princess of Kak Wa and Osman

First of all, I want to say thanks to my newest followers - Bella Bell dan Suha. Appreciate it so much and I just hope you would enjoy some particles of my life, my experiences and my rubbish nags here. =].

Abah is going for his Umrah mid July. He will take off from here on July 12th and because it's Tuesday, we can only afford to accompany him going to my uncle's house, the one that will go to Mecca along with himon Sunday 10th. Means abah will be staying at his brother's for 2 days before the departure date.

We always pray that Abah will manage to perform his Ibadah as smooth as it could and will be given HIS blessing upon the visit. We really worry about the condition of his knees. He would cramped up his knees every now and then. The prescribed medication will usually ease the pain a bit, and he will say "baik dah" and refuse some other suggestion on the treatment.


On early morning around 1A.M Malaysia time, my beloved eldest sister had deliver her first baby, her first daughter weighing 3.06kg on the land of Brisbane. My Mom was texting couple of times since Saturday mentioning how worry she was thinking the fact that my sister was out there on the stranger's land and not being next to her. She kept worrying on how she would face the moment, the trial and the pain. Mom asked me to call sis but it was left unanswered when I tried.

I got a call from her couple of hours after that and she was saying that the doctor has already gave her the Epidural shot by the doctor. Kak Wa's 'door' was only opened 4cm after being submitted into the hospital and the labor room every now and then for 2 days. The doctor said they needed to do their stuffs and the last option is to give the Epidural shot to ease Kak Wa's pain. When she rang me, it's already 2 hours after she took it.

Well, our concern is that the side effect of the Epidural shot. Mostly we hear that it will give you a bad backpain after you took one. But we just have our faith that the doctors know best. Around 1 A.M that Sunday my mom texted me saying that Kak Wa has safely delivered her precious princess - Nureen Tahani.

Look at her fluffy cheek and her red kawaiiii~~~~

Lebat haaa rambut dia. Alhamdulillah. Eventhough we once told that for certain reason, it would be difficult for Kak Wa to have a baby but her pray to Allah SWT has been heard. Syukur that Kak Wa and my brother in-law, Osman are blessed with the gleaming light of Nureen Tahani as the symbol of love and the descendant of the both of them.

May Allah bless you both and your princess Nureen Tahani!!!


Masy said…
tu diaaaaa pipi, dah mcm pipi bella! hahahahah congtazzz congtazzzzzz
Erina Asmawani said…
comelll gilaaaa!!! hahaha..komen kak masy ai like..mmg mcm pp Bella..Dung! Dung!

Eeee...nak baby jugak. Tetiba.Haha
zonaku said…
3.06... alhamdulilah....

aku dengar kene bertungku betul2, then maybe blh kurangkan side effect epidural. tp, on medical/science view, no side effect pun.

dan 'admitted' la, bukan 'submitted'. hahahaaa
PnConfused said…
medically mmg takde any side effect... ;)

euuuu.... cumel sgt, best utk digomol2...

ahlan wasahlan nureen, moga jadi anak solehah, sihat tubuh badan, sempurna akal fikiran...aminnn
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
pipi dia mengingatkan aku pada donat.

HEMY said…
thanks sume...

mmg macam pipi bella..ahahahaha

bertungku ek zona..aku suggest la nnt kat kakak aku
Bella Bell said…
comelnya.. serius comel.. heheh!!~

1st time tengok gambar baby dengan tali pusat lagi.. haha.. kantoi la jarang tengok baby baru lepas lahir..

tapi memang lebat gila rambut dia.. :)