I just cant sit tight!!!!

Can't wait to play tennis this evening!!!!

When Cembam heard this, her response would be; "Macam la dah lama tak main. Rajin ngat main". Hehehehe!!! I wasn't just blurting it for fun though. I really am looking forward for every upcoming tennis session!! I would normally play 2 times a week. Maybe that's the reason waiting it eagerly every single time.

You see, I was used to playing every evening. I played sepak takraw back then every evening and as far as I could remember, it started since I was 16 up till last year!!! You could see how many years I've been playing every single evening!!! Sometimes even I was just got back from Langkawi or Penang for my company trip and reached my place around 5, I would go straight to the court and play!!!

But that stopped once I got married. The marriage is not actually the reason..relax, let me finish!! Hahahaha!! When I got back from my marriage leave, the court was abandoned and I searched my friend at the other court 4KMs from there and found only 2 of them playing. They said not enough corumn (player). They tired of waiting and decided to change place but only 2 of them. The rest just quit.

And then I moved here and didn't see any people playing sepaktakraw. The apartment has it's own court but rarely could be seen some lads playing sepak raga bulatan. Hmmm. I tried to find a place to play at Putrajaya and played there couple of times, but at that time it was always raining. Every evenings and at the end without I even noticed, I'VE QUIT SEPAKTAKRAW!!! which I've never thought of!!

That's when I started to play more tennis. My friend a.k.a cikgu used to work with us here so sometimes we even play tennis everyday. But now he left, tak cukup korum leaving only these 2 sessions every week for me to play. 

Hope now you know why I would wait eagerly for every session =]!!

I think I wanna start playing takraw again after Raya. Now if I want to start, my friends and I would spend our after-six at the games room in our building. We play foosball, pool, ping-pong and while waiting turn, I would do some heavylifting. And that basically thwarted the plan to even think of takraw. Hahaha!!

And even if I decided to play takraw again after Raya, once my son (maybe) came into my life, surely it would be entirely different world for me.  I dunno, maybe every end of my office days, I would be so eager to come home playing with my son? Or maybe I can still come home around 7P.M after my takraw, or games room time? Who knows right?

I just cant sit idle and doing nothing. Well, except for reading novel which I haven't done for years too. At home I would spend most of the time in front of the PC. Mostly playing games. Even if I don't play game, I would read manga, blogging, FBing or even watching movies. 

I would take a break and sit next to Cembam who is watching the TV. Hug her, caressing her hair and so on while watching the show along with her for a while. We chatted about anything and then continue in front of my PC. Cembam is coping with it so well. When she asked if I would ever bored playing games everyday and I answered "at least I have a hobby and spend my time other than watching TV and sleeping", I think she now knows that her hubby just have to do something =].

I don't usually take a nap during the weekend. I would plan a morning tennis game with my friends and if any of them care to accompany me, then my weekend would start as early as 7 A.M. Some might suggest cooking and etc. Well I did that sometimes. Sweeping the house, cooked and so on. But I prefer Cembam doing it. Ekekeke. Dapat pahala ke dia. Hehehe. If she asked to help then I help lor. 

Ok..wanna watch Nadal game and folding the clothes.


zonaku said…
read novels?

i can't see that coming!
Masy said…
aku plk tatau kenapa, x rajin nk bsukan walaupon masa rumaja dulu aku tingin beno nk main squash. jgn memain impian x hagak2 aku tu hahaha.

apsal tah aku x rajin. xde desakan dr org keliling kot. hmmmmm
HEMY said…
zonaku, aku baca novel2 feminin tau zonaaaaa

masy, ko nk desakan orang keling ke apa ni?
syah shah said…
novel feminin? Peeehhh~~ Hebattt...

Aku dulu suka baca kamus Oxford english-english... Sampai lunyai kamus tuh... Macam sewel jaa... Hahahahah :P
dah lama gak x baca novel
bosan dah
Bella Bell said…
serius dah lama gila tak bersukan.. saya sayang lemak saya =.=