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Last Saturday, I went to my sis's house. Mom asked me to accompany my dad to get a massage treatment from a guy that recommended by my BIL, Fikri. He went there once to massage his twisted knee and just after 1 session, he managed to feel the ease and bending his knee to perform duduk antara dua sujud much better.

After the morning nap, had our breakfast, Cembam and I moved towards S.Alam around 11. Mom called me saying that sharp 11.30, they are going there. Once reached, Cembam stayed at my sis's house because the car is already fulled. Mom, Dad, Fik, his friend to show the direction and I. The place was somewhere around Klang, a place called Teluk Pulai.

It's a 2-storey shop house and he's a chinese guy. It used to be his dad doing the massage for 30 years and now he's the lineage of the talent. The talent to tell that your urat bersilang and all other things about your muscle and anatomy by just slowly stroking the back of my dad around the waist area.

Dad is having aching knees, muscles and joints pain. Normal things for those who growing older. He has already spent almost 4K for his pills, injections and etc at one of the trusted clinic at my hometown. Well, trusted by us I meant. The doctor knows well about how Dad's condition, the reason he always go there if he needs something to ease the pain and hoping the pain will not gonna pay a visit again after the prescribed medication has already finished.

But the thing about Dad, he's so stubborn. When you are under medication, you would be having pantang, taboo? things you can't eat, you can't do. But Dad would sometimes neglected that. And the hardest taboo is not to do heavy work. Going to the orchard to dad is like playing tennis to me. He can't sit himself shut at home and trusting his paid worker to pluck the palms alone. He would at the end lend his hand and again using his screwed knees and muscles. He always want it to be done fast. And that is one pain in the seriously. I heard his paid guy has already bailed out and it looks like no one is gonna help him with the orchard. Hmm~~~ The worst backup plan would be me going back home every 20 days to help him. Oh, I haven't been there for years. The trees are way bigger and the palms are way heavier. But I can't just leave Dad doing that alone can I?

Not all people can stand Dad. Huhu. My nephew once took the pay to pluck the palms for Dad. But during the noon he didn't turn up to continue. Dad was furious and later when Mom met my nephew, she got to know that he couldn't stand abah keep on giving instructions every now and then and keep on saying "fast..hurry". It's a really hard work. You need to do it as how you could afford it though.

Ok, back to the massage. So there he was, my dad lying on his chest. The oil smells 'chinese' and the guy said, Dad's urat are twisted around the waist area. Eventhough the knee is the one having pain, you don't directly massage on it. Well, I'm not a professional masseur to say that, but I've heard and seen many people doing it the same way. The one needed massage is your waist area. That's how it works.

After around 15 minutes, Dad was asked to lie on his back. The masseurs tended to his knees, wanted to bending his knee and abah was so pale if you look at his face. He know it would hurt and yep...Prakkkk!!!! I could hear the bending knee 'exploding'. Argghhh!!! Abah was moaning hard. When it was the left knee's turn, abah said to Mom, "hold me" reaching Mom's. Ekekeke..sian but so funny. Why? because it used to be dad doing the knee bending you know. He was a masseur back then. Many people would come to our house seeking for his hands' magic. Now he was the one moaning when it used to be him, giving the moaning..=]. Life is like a wheel huh? Once it's up, it's gonna be down for sure.

After that painful experience, Fik asked the masseur to massage his foot. He felt pain when he step on the floor. And just like he claimed, he can walk like usual after that 10 minutes massage. The masseur asked us to come again, but Dad was so not into the idea. He said "ko tak tau..aku ini mau mati dia letup lutut..tada urut lutut pun letup-letup saja".

And we have been giving him the explanation why the masseur didn't directly massage the knee but yet he kept on repeating that sentence. At last we surrendered and said it's up to him.


bowling collage

After maghrib, we went for bowl. And like other bowling session of ours, it was a very nice family time. Dad really enjoys bowling, so do mom and my other sisters. It's our official activity everytime we gather. Dad looks good with his knee, but still when I checked this morning with Mom, he refused to go and just went home. Hmmm...

with Nahdan

collage bowling1



After bowled, I went to secret recipe. Cembam mengidam Pasta. Blame it to the Korean Drama  - Pasta that she just finished watching. Yeaaa Chef!!! I bought Spaghetti Bolognese for her. Then we went to Pak Li to have our dinner. A nice family time and right after that we went home.

=]. I hope abah will recuperate my family!!!


zella y said…
amboi...sportingnya ayah kau..siap main bowling tu....
zonaku said…

biasalah orang tua...
Anonymous said…
bapak ko rajin
kagum semangat kerja org rajin ni

zaman skang... budak2 lembek, malas nak kerja --> ni aku tgk cara kerja budak2 tempat lama aku
HEMY said…
mmg sporting mak ayah aku zella..hehehe

haah..besa la sakit2 sengal2 tu zona

dia dah terbesa aimi...tu yg takleh nk duduk diam..nk berkebun gak
Masy said…
hoh aku plk ngilu bab letup2 tu hehehehe