1 A.M in the morning

Watching KILLER starring Ashton Kutcher. Lama dah this movie ada dalam my hard drive, but baru ingat I've only watch a quarter of it. So, while preparing my entry, watching it would be nice surely.

This morning I spent 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. Damn la. The outside parking right opposite the office building would be filled before 10 and that's the time I would usually arrived. I drove around the place, failed to find one, made a U-turn, asked the guard lady of a private parking whether I can park inside (this place only allows cars coming in from 8-9A.M), but she turned me down. Another U-turn, and I had to park inside a private building's parking space that costs me RM15. Niceeee~~~~

Fortunately I have a bike, and I only drive on Tuesday and Friday as I have tennis session so I have to bring my tennis gear along. And the parking fee is claimable. =]. Sangap a bit la nak dulukan the money for the parking. But then once I got the claim I will be using it as a rolling modal. Hehehe.

Haish..waiting the end of this month. Berita baik or buruk? Gonna be prepared to receive the new.

-sigh- Game last tennis just now macam jahanam!!! Binci!!!


RM15 tu... sayang giler
Masy said…
ape berita baik ke buruk tu?