Tuesday Nagging

Nice je today's weather. I've been looking at the blue sky every now and then just to check if the bluish colour would turn into blackness soon. But so far, none of it indicates the change. Oh, just the leaves of the trees seems to be dancing with the wind and I really hope it's just a normal wind. I wanna play tennis this evening..pleaseeee.

I am supposed to be at the Gardens by now attending our Town Hall but we have important things to be taken care of here, catching up with the bundle nomination and some other testings. Hence, I've decided not to go despite of the initial "yes I'm attending" as a reply last week. Sorry~~

Just now the sky was covered with the black clouds. You can see a black line at the horizon where the only remaining light was like trying to negate the blackness but at the end it was consumed by the black power. I MSNed my colleague to stay a while in case there's still a chance to have a tennis session this evening and now as I look at the sky outside, the chance is 80%..Oh..penat berdoa..alhamdulillah~~ Hehehe