This may not concern you. Thanks

Just finished the first week of 2.5days Payroll Module training. Processing some new information and hoping it will remain in my thick skull until the day it needs to be used. Maybe years later? Hahahaha!!!

Working from HQ and a bright sun ray penetrating through the windows seems to indicate a nice journey home another half an hour. Waiting those minutes passed while sipping Starbuck's free coffee of the week, thanks to the coupon. The taste is just like Kapal Api la. Why bother spending RM15 for the same shit?!!! Aiyah!!

When I started this training on Monday, getting into KL city seems to refresh my mind on how jammed the roads are towards KL. Just after I entered the North-South Highway from Kajang, there's already a long line of cars!!! What the Hell!! I thought it was because of the toll at Mint's Hotel but it continued until the very city center. Owch!!! I pity you guys driving and having hours in the queue man!! Seriously!!

Tuesday also the same and I got to know it's due to the closure of smart tunnel. Wow~~ It shocked me how many of you actually use smart tunnel!! But what to do right? It's either stuck for hours or pay the RM2.50 toll. 

Riding and squeezing in between the cars again after 2 years not doing it giving me the chill and the thrill. When you spotted the same sueprbike stucked at the most right in-between lane, you really feel that your naked bike 150cc is way superior than the superbike. Ahahahahaha!!! But I pity the guy still. Stuck just like the rest of the cars, but no air-cond. Ouch!!!

You got your subsidy cut, you have to pay more for the gas, more for the 100% taxed cars just to get stuck on the road. You paid the toll just to continue your suffering. Irony isn't it??


Pocket said…
yes yes,
but when u'r all wet in the rain,
stuck or no stuck, u'd wish for a car. here in penang we dont have dat much of a trafic jam,

so i cant be proud of my EX5 dat much other then my monthly gas money is less then RM50 :D
naik motor pegi balik keja memang best... lancar ja

tp kalau yg ada bini / anak... kena guna kereta gak
zella y said…
sib baik opis aku dekat je....
syukur.... ;)