Planning some evening sweating sessions

Back to work. Managed to catch up with some old colleagues whom I haven't mingle for a long time. Learned couple of gossips here and there and managed to see something out of my module and squeezing it down into my memory lane hoping I can retrieve it anytime I want.

Just got back from the game room. When we were at Wisma 4 (our old building), the gymnasium and the game room was located at the Wisma 2. It took you 10 minutes of walking to reach there. But now it's just 2 floor above us. When I feel so sleepy I just had a quick tour there, playing Foosball and get back to my desk.

Boleh lagi tak aku wat macam mamat ni..huhu

I am looking forward to any classes that they will organize. Kickboxing, Aikido, Dance, Yoga or any. The most important criteria is that the class should fall on either Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. Tuesday and Friday are for my tennis session.

When I told Cembam about it her reply was "Hmm..lagi la tak lekat umah". Amboi~~ Like I always missing from home all this while. Ekekekeke. I would just have around 1 hour at the gym following the classes and will be at home after maghrib. Jemaah with the rest of the tenants here. Sounds great right? hehehehe

Now, let's check the classes schedule~~~


zonaku said…
aku br ada 2 xtvt.. pttnya dah ada 3, tp y satu tu on hold jap.

another 4 days empty... haih...