Pantai Seberang Takir. Pengalaman Pukat Tarik

Pantai Seberang Takir is just one infamous beach that has been 'tambak' to prevent big flood and the safety of the houses along it. My Atok in-law's house is one of those many houses. Everytime I paid a visit to my in-laws, Atok's house is a must. Sometimes we didn't really do anything particular and just sitting by the beach enjoying the breeze and the salty taste of the air.

Pantai Seberang Takir

Nurin and her sisters and Haikal dipping in the water. (Can you guys feel the mood of this picture. What do you guys feel when you look at this photo. Plz help me by giving feedback as I want to step a level higher in photography by taking photos that inspire people..thanks)

Right after the Yebbit with Nurin and plucking the mangoes, we went to the beach. I brought the kain pelekat, my short and my towel as I intended to have a dip. But at the end I just take photos and ate the keropok lekor.

Berlari ke Pantai

Berlari ke laut (running towards the sea).

But that evening was a bit special. I had a nice first time experience to watch how they catch the fishes with the 'Pukat Tarik'. Some of the locals were pulling out the pukat out of the sea and it was a nice evening for me. A new things captured by my camera =].

Tarik Pukat Pantai Seberang Tak

They were 4 people pulling the pukat and the boat was wandering not far from there but I don't know what's the boat's role. It attracted many people and just couple of minutes after that the beach was so lively with those so curious to see how the catch is.

Tarik Pukat Pantai Seberang Takir

Haikal spotted some fishes and started to pick them up

At the end of the pukat, the tip was the 'kantong' where the fishes are trapped. These are the catch for that evening. Some big fishes and the rest were just small fishes even smaller than ikan puyu. 

My biras posing with the catch

The boat was ready for another setup

Tarik Pukat Pantai Seberang Tak

Posing bebeh

The crew picked the big fishes and put them into the basket. The bystanders were asking about what will they do with the small fishes and then decided to throw them back to the sea. So that evening, all of us got to be a saint by throwing those fishes back to the sea to continue their lives. It had become a ceremony of "let's give them a second chance" !!!!

Achik so spirited to throw the fishes. Can you spot the fish?? Who knows what happened after that. The fish might landed head first and broke it's neck?? ekekekeke.

Tarik Pukat Pantai Seberang Tak

His first experience being "Orang Laut".

Time to leave the crime scene

Tarik Pukat Pantai Seberang Tak

This is the small hut that my F.I.L built. A nice place for us to have a chat, spent quality time together and feel the love of the FAMILY.

Moh ke laut~~~~~


Aunty P :) said…
kelaok - kelaok weh . :p
HEMY said…
kekeke..jom kelaut
Mr PenyuBiru said…
dulu-dulu masa sblm sambung belajar,selalu gak dtg melepak kat situ sebab ada saudara mara aku kat itu.
Anonymous said…
baca pun mcm ada feeling seorang nelayan
Masy said…
nak kepok leko!
anwar said…
jom candat sotong..
HEMY said…
skang dah takde sedara ke kat situ penyu?

aimi, ko ke laut la skali skala..

masy, mintak kat penyu

anwar, sotong tak byk tahun ni cm tahun lepas gak
Mak Su said…
mksu suka tgk gmbr. hemy semakin cantik sekarang.

eh! gambar2 bidikan , bukan hemy.. hahaha
hemy said…
thanks mak su