Our World, Their War : I am Star Scream!!!!

"Star Screame!!! The prophecy is true!!! We have the chance of a lifetime to resurrect Megatron!!!", Shockwave hurriedly consulted Star Scream in their fortress of the Decepticon?


"The prophecy?"
"Yes. The prophecy that every 1000 years there will be a Decepticon that no one can ever kill him. The last mechanism of the spark is embodied within him that even under the cold deep ocean, the particle of the Spark will assemble bit by bit and launched itself to a random place as a newly born relic"
"Yes!! It was foretold that The spark will form a relic and this relic is non other than the Ultimate Movie Card!!! Once this relic is found, we just need every single human that we could to watch the memory of Megatron that will be broadcasted by this Ultimate Movie Card itself. Every soul of those puny humans will soon gathered and resurrect Megatron!!!! And once more Megatron will be back!!!"
"And where is this Ultimate Movie Card lies Shockwave??"
"Deep Beneath the KLCC tower of Malaysia"
"Yes..I heard that the Autobot has also beware of the prophecy and has already made their move"
"Then why we are still here!!!!!"
"Rilex Star Scream...Chilled!!! It was known they Malaysia has a very high traffic jam congestion. Those idiot Autobots can't fly!!!"
"Gather the Decepticon!!! We gonna crush Malaysia to resurrect Megatron!!!!"


Meanwhile around Seremban, the Autobot was moving towards KL to get the relic before the Decepticon would lay their hand on it.

"Bumblebee!!!! What the hell man!!! I've not been moving for an hour!!! What kind of traffic jam is this??!!!", Optimus prime roared in the middle of the traffic jam along with the other Malaysian cars.
"I'm sorry Optimus. I didn't get this information in Google. Blamed it to the American Embassy. They could only manage to ship us at Johor. We have been moving for hours but now we stuck. Fuck!!!"
"You!!!!! Oh my god..what is that? That's Star Scream!!!! And the rest of the Decepticon!!!"

The Decepticon led by Star Scream was flying right above the Autobot's heads. The Autobot were furious but they couldn't do nothing. It's their fault to copy a wheel vehicles when they can copy all those modern sophisticated flying machine.

"ARGHHHHH!!!!! How I wish I was a plane!!!!!", the thundering anger of Optimus echoed throughout the sky.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

StarScream and the rest of the Decepticon arrived at KLCC. Local polices were dispatched, the jets, the Sukhoi airfighters were dispatched and all those tanks were rallied and firing the Decepticon. But their firepower was not even a match to those bio-mechanic beings. There were wiped out in a single minute.

While the rest forming a circle guiding the KLCC from the Autobot's attack, StarScream commanded the Scorpio to drill beneath the KLCC after the twin tower was horrifyingly crushed by the Decepticon. So many casualties. Thousands of them. Our world, Malaysia was now under the most horrible situation ever occurred. 

After couple of minutes, Scorpio emerged out from the deep soil of Malaysia with the Ultimate Movie Card that carries the key to resurrect Megatron. It was glimmering with sparkling light. Now, we should broadcast the signal. Let all the humans watch the memory of Megatron. They shall know him, fear him and obey him!!!!!!!

Without delay, one of the decepticon transformed into a giant transmitter and once the Ultimate Movie Card of Megatron was inserted into it's core, the wave was sent throughout the universe. Every single display devices in this world was broadcasted with the memories of Megatron. Televisions, big screens, the news, IPAD, IPhone..every single devices were receiving the signal. Since the time he was born and the time he crushed the Autobot's planet, all those memories were watched by the humans. And every single soul of them trigger the spark inside Megatron that lies beneath the ocean. 

"what the fuck was that? Anyone care to tell me what the fuck was that?!!!! ", Again Optimus was so furious when he saw the glimmering lights coming out to the sky moving towards where Megatron's body was thrown.
"Optimus, it seems they are trying to resurrect Megatron"
"What the FUCK!!! And where we are now?"
"Err..In front Mint Hotel. I thought after we paid the toll, it's gonna be a smooth journey"
"Just another 3KMs, we can use the smart tunnel Optimus"
"We don't have time. Let's transform and run for it!!!"
"No optimus!!! You will kill the civilians!!! You gonna step on them!!!"

And there they were, stuck in the jam and far beneath the ocean, a glimmering light was shining out of the blue ocean. A huge burst of water were created and there it was, MEGATRON!!! He has been resurrected!!! 



Decepticon!!! Megatron is back!!!!!! Let's crush this world!!!!!!

What will happen to humanity. What will our world be after the end of this war of theirs?? I am StarScream!!! I don't plan to be under Megatron's command for long. I had to resurrect Megatron because I need his help to win this war!!!

I am StarScream!!!!!!!!!

Once we won this, I, Star Scream will take Megatron's very life and crush this Ultimate Movie Card myself!!! And there's no way Megatron's name ever be remembered throughout the history. 

It will only be my name!!! Star Scream!!! The Decepticon Warrior!!! Muahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Autobot shall fall!!!!!!!


syah shah said…
eh, star screamER? bukan starscream ke?
HEMY said…
dem..aku btul kan dh..aku taip kul 2 pg..ahahahaha..tak perasan smpi mlm ni baca baru prasan
syah shah said…

tu tak nyenyabo tuh nak menjerit bebenornye... haha~ :P