I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Pirates are those who were feared by all. The viciousness and cruelty often brings the abomination upon the land where their feet landed. But little that they know, some of us pirates are the one who have saved their world from the darkness and despair. Little that they know we are actually the heroes but their fear of our brethren has blinded them and keeping their trusts solely to the marines which are way more evil than us!!

I am Captain Hemy D. TimeMaster. I have only 8 crews in my ship that sails throughout the ocean defeating countless of Pirates, beheaded numbers of sea monsters and bringing the greatest shame to the marines unbearable to them as I crushed every single vessels of theirs and sunk them deep under the seafloor!!

I can control the time and the space quantum. I have the ability to control the time, to freeze it, fast forward it or even rewind it back. Just tell me how on earth will those marines gonna catch me or kill me when the very time that they live in is control by me!!! Nyiahaaahahahaha!!!~~~

Well, now you envy me? Wanna be a pirate like me? Mwahahaha!!! Do you know the best parts of being a pirate??

1. The vast blue sea!!! No traffic jam, no toll, no worries of house price is skyrocketed, taxes or whatever you dimwit needs to think of out there in your puny little corrupted world!! In the sea, you are what you are. The wind and the taste of the salt throughout the air is so fresh and makes my body so strong!!! and tanned too~~~

2. The precious things we ripped out of them!!! Every single ship that we crushed and we sunk, we will take all of their belongings, their money, their golds, their women, their men (oh, I'm a fair captain. One of my crew is a gay. He fucked the guys and throw them out into the sea once done..mwahahahahahha!!!!). We got anything that we want.

3. The journey..the sail, the tide, the wave, the ocean is such an adventure which brings a different experience every single day!! There was once my ship was about to be sunk by an enormous wave. We called it the 'white fang', but maybe you out there would call it tsunami instead. By using my power, I freeze the time, the giant wave froze and stared at us angrily while we were humming our way out of it's path!!!!

Food is never a problem to us!! I would just freeze the time when the whale, the tuna, the swordfish were jumping out of the water and we sliced them as much as we want. A fresh nice taste of sashimi that you would never taste before!!!!! Well, when I unfroze the time, up to them to live their life with the remaining flesh!!! Ahhahahahaahah!!

logo pirate

So now I want to challenge the best pirates in this vast blue sea!!! Come on and let us duel and see who deserves to be the Pirate King!!! Take me to Stranger Tides!!!! I heard the best Pirates are rallying there. Raise the flag!!!! Let's see who would dare to remain on that Stranger Tides waiting for my abomination!!!! Rise my flag!!!!! Tremble upon me!!!!


Masy said…
itu ke logo pairet ko? wuwuwuwuwu congtazzzzzz
HEMY said…
ahahaha...takut tak? takut tak??
zella y said…
tak takuttttt.... hahahah

*tlg jwb kan soalan kat atas heheheh
HEMY said…
mmg la..sbb ko suka aku..ahahahahahahahahaha