Didn't manage to post new entry at the office. Early morning, I felt fingers crawling over my chest. The sensation with the sleepy feeling was unexplainable. I slowly opened my eyelids and saw a woman in a bikini...err was it bikini..what the.....Oh!!! My wife rupanya!!~~~ Ahahahaha!!

"Sakit perut la...rasa nak muntah-muntah. Tadi pun dah muntah. Ingat nak amek MC"

Cembam was feeling uneasy this morning. She called her colleague to tell about her MC. After subuh prayer like always I continued my nap again. "Kita gi klinik nanti ek". It was just 7.15 in the morning. I took my nap when suddenly I heard a sound like water splashing the floor. I awoke abruptly and was so afraid if Cembam slipped and fell. 

But Cembam was there standing looking at the floor. She thrown up before she managed to reach the toilet. Bluarkkkk!!~~~ I went into the kitchen and picked up the mop. Wiped it out clean and getting ready to go to the clinic. Once Cembam's stomach was already stabil, no poo-poo feeling, we went to the clinic.

Cembam got a salt-drink, some pills and an MC. When we were at the clinic, Cembam's fever has already gone but earlier that morning, I could feel her warm forehead. So nothing bad happened to our baby. Err...I guess so coz the doctor didn't say anything about it. Just a food poisoning we think.

So I came to the office after I had my lunch, drove Cembam home, switched to my bike and started my late office day. I've informed my team lead la of course. And almost the whole day my computer was controlled by someone else from the technical team to sort something out on our issue. So today I sat at my cubicle, staring and observing someone else moving around my cursor and that ended my day!!



k.e.r.i. said…
gua imejin kalau atas chest lu.
HEMY said…
imejin...jgn tak imejinnnn~~~
Anonymous said…
jangan tipu.. kojugak join meeting yang produktif!!!.. u cool man... hahhaha