Accident and Malaysian is like a free food and the flies

My 'balik kampung' journey last weekend was a smooth one. I took half day on Friday and drove along MRR2 and entering the highway without any traffic issue. We entered Jabor road around 7P.M at it was a purplish evening with headlights and taillights all over the road. Cembam is already accustomed with my way of driving even being a good co-pilot instructing "clear" everytime there's a clear road ahead to overtake the cars.

When we arrived at Ajil and Cembam was driving, suddenly the traffic was so slow and we had to stop at one point. I looked far away ahead and I thought it was because of the night market. But seconds after that we realized that there was an accident ahead of us.

Many cars were pulling over by the roadside and walking out of the car to see for themselves what was happening. A typical habit of Malaysian which most of the time so irritating, causing ruckus and so often creates a traffic jam. Just because so many of us Malaysian wanna be a part of the story, see for themselves so later they can tell about it to their friends. -sigh~~~~-

I wanna go out and take some pictures, tapi malas plak when I saw there were already so many people crowding the scene. You couldn't even see what is happening see....


When we drove past the scene, I could only see a black Myvi at the middle of the road  melintang with it's right front side crashed. Not a big crash so I think the Myvi was trying to make a U-turn and a motorcyle just hit it. 

I still remember the worst bystander effect for this kind of "watching the scene" habit was during the landslide that occurred at CIMB Jalan Telawi (if I'm not mistaken the road). It's just around the corner of my former office Wisma Chase Perdana. 

The cars at our parking could not even go out of their space because the traffic jam was so bad. It's like 1Km from our office and so many cars were pulling over to see the landslide with some cars as the victims. So fucking jammed!! Just Imagine!!! How bad is this habit when the incident that happened by the main road, but the effect - 2 big offices' employees could not even move out their cars from the parking space.

Haisshhh~~~ Troublesome huh?


PnConfused said…
haaaaaaaaaaa.. tuh belum cerita pasal lori terbalik, pakat kerumun kutip syiling, kutip buah, kutip tepung, kutip beras....

takper beb.. sebab kat tepung tu dah memang ada tanda "halal"
Masy said…
betul2! kadang tu bukan ape, org berenti nk tukau tayar pun sibuk2 nk tgk. bodow taw. kot nk tolong ke lain la.

aku rasa aku ingt pasal landslide tu. x silapnye ko cite sorg opismate ko gerak awal dr ko tp x gerak2 pun. hehehehe.

typical msian. masing2 tlampau tertekan smpi eksiden pun bole jadi tmpat melepaskan tensen (divert pemikiran).
syah shah said…
penyebok, memang cenggitula perangai... haha~

typicalnya adalah sikap suka jaga tepi kain orang kemudian menjaja cerita... kalau yang perempuan jenis menyebok bertandang rumah orang, yang lelaki jenis macam ginila, menyebok kat tempat accident... Haha~ :P
HEMY said…
pn confused, ahahahaa..last ayat ko mmg lucu

masy, tu lah..dh le tak tolong...semak kasi sesak nafas ada la

syahshah, ayat last ko pn lucu..ahahahaha
Anonymous said…
aku biasa nampak eksiden... tanpa perasaan jalan terus. malas jd penyumbang kpd jammed