Yoga - Fitness, flexibility, shape and religion?

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It's 2.20A.M now. I'm watching Miami ATP World Tour Final - Nadal vs Djokovic. I'm rooting for Nadal and I really need to watch this game, if not the additional subscription for this sport channel that I subscribed just last Friday would be a waste. Hehe!! Go Nadal!!

updated : Nadal kalah..huhu

Yoga. Everyone should probably knows that it's a form of exercise and not a meal option of any fast food yah. In a certain level of this Yoga, a meditation is assimilated along with the movement and the posture. Don't ask why coz that's how it is and as created by the Yoga creator him/herself.

There was once Yoga being declared (difatwakan) Haram by some of the Islamic Association after it has been carefully assessed. We afraid that by practicing Yoga, some Muslim could be influenced by the Hinduism and get astray from the right path of Islam (No offense Hindu people. We have our own teaching. Your teaching probably teaches the same which is to stick to the religion no matter what coz once you choose your God, you should believe on Him and you can't just simply change your GOD. For us, Islam is the way of life, and for you Hindu is the way of life. It's our freedom yah?).

I fancy yoga to be honest. Till now. I've watched a person that can do extraordinary things that a normal human can't even think of because of years practicing Yoga. And I still fancy it till now. The only reason I don't practice it yet by submitting into any class is because it's quite expensive. Huhu!!

I once shared my thought to others. It's a wise thing in a way to declare Yoga due to some reasons. The chanting is the main reason. But what if during those postures and meditation, instead of chanting what the trainer asked you, we recite our holy qur'an instead? Would it be fine if during the meditation, we recite 3-Qul? Surah Ikhlas or tasbihing, takbiring, tahmiding? It would be fine right? Or would that be considered as Bidaah?

 Bipasha Basu sexy body surely needs a token of Yoga in her daily life =]

Look at those sexy Shilpa Shetty hot abs...ulalala~~~ Comes after years of Yoga too =]

Mostly women, they choose Yoga as a way to keep on fit and shaped without getting those extra muscles on the bicep, avoiding 6-pack on their tummies and etc. They want to keep having a sexy feminine body. So even for me, I can see Yoga as a nice way to achieve that.

If you still gonna emphasize on how Yoga is a totally wrong thing that could lead us to Murtad. Try to think about Silat. Our Malay martial art and one of our heritage. You probably notice that to a certain level, Silat also requires Mantera, Menurun (Netrom and etc), a pact with the demons (Jin) and etc. Now, these are also surely gonna astray us. The black magic and etc. Ilmu Batin. If you think about it carefully, wouldn't Silat be more threatening to our akidah?

Hmm..whatever your choice is, better to seek for advice from someone who has the knowledge. I'm just sharing my thought here.


lyana said…
aku pun penggemar tegar yoga.
jatuh cinta ngn yoga sejak 2 tahun lps kot. pagi2 pas subuh ade kuar rancangan yoga kat cenel disc h&h.

aku ada buku yoga for pregnancy, bleh ah ko cari kt mph utk cembam. sgt best ok.
juga cd yoga utk prektis kt umah. xde masa nk pi kelas2 nih hehe. tp jarang dh skang wat. time mgmt sgt huru hara huhu.
aritu baru subscribe aidan utk children's yoga. ni thru milkadeal ke deal of the day. sbb murah tu yg aku subscribe. ;)
HEMY said…
aidan yg baru nk setahun tu yoga? dem~~ ekekekeke...

ada eh buku yoga utk preggy...nnt aku cari la