Kalau saya diberi RM100 sekarang, saya akan.. I Cabaran Minggu 1

I stumbled upon 100Penulis website from one of my readers. I checked out his blog and the latest entry was the entry for the 100Penulis blog. I left a comment and browsed through this 100Penulis blog. Hmmm~~~ kinda interesting when the blog has a weekly writing challenge called "Cabaran 30 Minggu Latihan Menulis".

It will give a new topic every Saturday and we just need to write a post with the given topic. Easy huh? One of the purpose that the administrator wanted to share with the rest is to have something to write about when you don't really have anything to blog about. And during the process, perhaps we will gain new friends or bloggers with the same passion.

Ok, for me I wanna join is just simply I need to write something in the weekend and most of the time I wouldn't know what to rant about and this challenge is one nice thing for me to do. If you want to know more, just head up to the blog yah!!


If I was given RM100 note now, what would I do? Well, for the past 2 weeks I've been playing tennis like I always do at least twice a week. But during this 2 weeks, I was using my friend's racket that I've been keeping for him since he rarely use it and found out one nice thing about it. His racket is much easier to maneuver and arm-friendly for me. I don't feel the pressure of the spin that I try to generate in every play and to hit the ball to where I wanted is way easier using it.

Drive Z Tour

Head Size : 100sq. in / 645 sq. cm
Length : 27 inches / 69 cm
Strung Weight : 10.7 oz / 303g
Balance : even balance
Swingweight : 324
Stiffness : 72
Composition : Graphite / Zylon Matrix
Power Level : Low-Medium
Swing Speed : Fast
Grip Type : Woofer
String Patterns : 16Mains/19 crosses
String Tension : 50-66 pounds

 Pure Drive GT

Head Size : 100sq.in / 645 sq. cm
Length : 27 inches / 69 cm
Strung Weight : 11.2oz / 318g
Balance : 4pts Head Light
Swingweight : 327
Stiffness : 70
Composition : Graphite Tungsten
Power Level : Low-Medium
Swing Speed : moderate-fast
Grip Type : Syntec Grip
String Pattern : 16 Mains/19 crosses
String Tension : 50-66 pounds

The one on top is my friend's racket and the one below is mine and have been using it since after raya last year. There's not much you can see from the spec but the main difference is the weight. The one on top weighted less than the bottom one. It's probably the main reason why the maneuverability and control seems to be much easier.

You can say now that after almost 3 years playing I finally get to know what is my type of play, a racket that suits me well as a beginner. So if I was given RM100 now, I will add it to my "New Racket Financing Scheme" for sure!! Ekekeke!! I just counted my coins inside my round micheline porcelain tabung and it only worths RM50. RM150 now right? Then my Nuffnang after a year is worth RM50...ahahahaha!! RM200 now right?!!

So, just a little bit more than I would be getting my new racket!!!


Masy said…
klu aku ade 100 skrg, aku nk pi bli perfume. hahahahah eh ke bli mknan? hmmmmm
Anonymous said…
mcm zaman kanak2 plak kumpul duit nak beli mainan
HEMY said…
perfume 100 ek...ada ke?

rozami, tulah..nk wat camne..skim tknak pakai duit gaji ni
100penulis said…
k hemy,
sudah dibaca n link ni da masuk senarai. jgn lupa topik baru sabtu ni. don't giveup!

Cabaran 30 Minggu Latihan Menulis!
zahidah dihaz said…
dapat beli barang guna duit yang dikumpul, memang syok sangat rasa....

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