It's actually pretty easy to get a blessing from HIM

Everyday when I drive to work, I would have the CD player switched ON, a loud music in my compact car and I would be singing with all my heart content till I reach my office. It's an everyday routine whenever I drive that compact silver Myvi after my mutual agreement with Cembam to swap our cars.

But that loud bang of the music and my sweet voice singing it with my sincere passionate gesture is not for a rock or balade music. It's a sweet music of Selawat that has been composed by Maher Zain or whoever the composer is. 

You see, what I wanted to convey is not how I can sing nicely (ekekeke) or how you should buy Maher Zain's CD. But how a selawat that we were encouraged to always make it as a habit can be done in a joyful way, in a way which you can close your eyes (not during driving please) and enjoy the beseeching melody.

Maher Zain's - Ya Nabi Salamu Alaika is one of my favourite of his songs compilation. I'd definitely play it at least once during my journey and singing it out-loud. 
Then it strucks you that when you selawat once for our beloved prophet Rasullullah SAW, you are blessed with 10 blessings. How easy to get His blessing just by driving to your workplace and finish the 3minutes plus selawat song of Maher Zain's?


Nava.K said…
have not heard Maher Zain, but I love M.Nasir and his songs. His is so cool and amazing. In fact, I bum into him once at Genting but did not have the guts to go up and speak to him.
HEMY said…
hehe..kan Jard..mudah je..buleh nk dgar lagu dgar jugak la selawat2 ni

Nava - maher Zain's songs are mostly about our religion - Islam. Please feel free to listen to his songs. You might get better picture about our religion rather than the bad propaganda of relating us to terrorism =]