I learned to kick, be a good person and about humanity in one shot!!

Balik kampung this weekend. I've planned it since last month anyway. Plus next week, Friday night I would be having a friendly match of Tennis with some people with the same passion of the sport at LHDN Bangi. I picked up my mom at my sis' and went straight to our hometown. Just a relaxing weekend without doing nothing particular. Just lazing around, sleeping, napping and chatting with my parents.

Dad is not anymore physically working at his palm orchard. His assistant that used to have the task of loading the palm fruits, pull them out of the orchard and pile them by the road is now being entrusted to do the whole tasks. Dad's task on chopping the palm fruit down from the trees is also being taken care by him. Well, as his assistant is doing it alone now, it takes a day to chop the fruits and another day to pile them up by the road. Unlike just 3/4 day it used to.

Dad is soo itching to have a go on it, but we always remind him that his getting older now, his strength is not as strong as it used to and it would take a great token of after-effect to his body. His joints are not anymore swelling and he doesn't get this numb feeling around his hands every night so he just need to lift his hands off from the heavy tasks.

At Sunday afternoon after Asar, we headed back to Shah Alam. But we stopped by at some minimarket to inspect the prices and compare them with KL. There are some items that are even 50cents cheaper than KL price. I don't know what is the reason. It might be last stocks, or almost expired stuffs, but the fact is there are cheaper. I grabbed some items and then we also stopped at the famous by-the-road stalls selling corns, yam, rose apples, mangos and lots more. You can see these stalls along the road every now and then when you drive this TelukIntan-Klang 2-lane road. 

Performing this is one easy thing back then. I can still perform it now though. But after that aching my entire legs..hehehe

Oh, I met my Taekwon-Do teacher when I was at one of the mini market at Sungai Besar. He's just like how I remember him, his beard, his black turban and his humble personality. When I shook his hand he was saying "lama tak nampak". Well I take that as he still remembers me =]. I asked how things are now, is the gym still active, how's the club at my old school. A short chat yet it brought me back 10 years ago when I was still passionately practice my Taekwon-Do. Cikgu Rosli was a Silat guru once before he teaches Taekwon-Do. So we always get this extra lesson which he taught us by blending the silat and Taekwon-Do.

Every time we had 15 minutes time of rest, he will gather us and asked us to sit on the floor while he stood in front of us and gave us tazkirah. About some hadis, how the world is and some tips and stories. We not just learn how to kick with him, but we learn about more about humanity, how to be a better muslim and lots more.

Owh...I really miss that time~~


anwar hp said…
i miss my jumping action kat shell wisma perdana.. hahahhaa.. siap jatuh tergolek2