Happy Birthday Fiqah, my youngest sister

Today is the 15th birthday of my youngest sister.Just after blinks of eyes, she's a growing up girl studying her way to this year's PMR and taking care of our Dad at home all by herself. My mom is taking care of my nephew, Nahdan at my sis's house cause the nursery will only accept babies of 6 months and above.

Fiqah and her brother Amsari. Well, this was once him. He is way muscular now. Way~~~ muscular

When I dug up some of the old pictures that I managed to scan, it was surely bring back lots of memories. One that can make your tears just welled up without any specific reason. The picture above was taken at our backyard using a camera that I purchased at the Friday nightmarket at my hometown. I was 16-17 at that time I think. I purchased the camera for RM30. Brand ntah pape ntah. We were just moved to our new house then.


This was how our house looked like. The rubber carpet that was already torn away here and there. Now, the same spot has my parents' bed and Dad has already built a room for the area. Fiqah was still so small and so adorable. Hehe. Korang sume sama itam je masa ni. Hahahaha!!!


Ah, last but not least this pose by Fiqah. Hahaha..bukan main lagi kaki silang. Comel sangat masa ni. But now, if you do this same pose Fiqah, nyampah tengok. Ahahahahaha!!! 

The thing is, even with Rm30 film camera, I didn't waste the money for nothing. The quality of the picture might not be a decent one. But the moments are priceless. Reminiscing about the past is surely one great of a journey that often makes you cry and smile.

Happy birthday Fiqah. May Allah bless you for all your deeds. Always remember when we do good things people will recognize or at least Allah sees that. Never sigh on what you face and what obstructed you from doing your daily life and achieving your ambition 

Last but not least, always be our dearest sister, then, now and ever =]

Love you~~~


Masy said…
awuuuuuuuuu terharu mak noks!

mmg berbaloi ko bli kamera tu.. klu tak, smpi bila2 xde gambar budak2 ni masa kekecik dulu.. hukhuk syukur syukur

epy bday fiqah.. abg ko balik kg nanti, jgn lupe silang2 kaki lg tau. hahahahah
zonaku said…
happy birthday fiqah...

haah, sila posing silang2 kaki tiap kali bang ko nak amik gambo... kasik dia muntah ijau