Friendly match tonight!!

I'm still reading Kotaro Makaritoru's manga. Well, I took a break for a whilejust now to read the new release of OnePiece, Bleach, Naruto, Hajime No Ippo and Katekyo Hitman Reborn of course. So, a bit malas to update my blog, more time on the mangas. Hehehehe

Tonight I would be having friendly match of Tennis with Sapura at Akademi Pencukaian Bangi.The last friendly match we had was last year at FRIM Kepong with TNB. Well it started out on the day I purchased my new bag. I was preparing my money (I mean Cembam's money) to pay for the bag at the cashier when  a guy was looking at my bag and then at me.

"Main mana bang?"
"Oh..ada main ye bang. Kami main kat Akademi Pencukaian ni"
"Boleh la ajak Friendly bang suka-suka. Ada dalam 5 team double tak bang"
"Oh ada..."
"Ni kad saya...papehal abang email la"
"Oh Ok..". Sambil aku cari kad bisnes yang aku mmg tak pernah bawak. Kalau kumpul 2 tahun punya kad tu leh wat main pakau. But luckily Cembam kept 1 of them in her purse and handed it to me.

My Ace Serve

I told my friend about it and they asked me to contact them and set a date. We usually have our friendly match in the morning but this time the Sapura guys are used to playing at night. And somehow everyone agreed, and it's gonna be a new experience tonight. Hehehehe!!!

Well, sport does make lots of friends to me.=]


syah shah said…
jadi macam mana result match malam tadik? :D
HEMY said…
anwar hp said…
gambar mmg takleh blah.. cantik, nicely shot.. mantap..

gaya mcm pro.. mmg picture tell all the storie.. kalo gaya pun dah pro, kompem menang ye?