Do you ever feel bored doing what you have been doing??

I've been playing tennis for almost 3 years now. Well, technically 3 years, 2 times a week mostly with some weeks without any session at all due to the raining season and etc. Well, I don't really wanna talk about tennis in this entry. But a friend of mine once asked me;

"Don't you ever feel bore always playing tennis?" (Tak boring ke men tenis je)

A very interesting question indeed. Won't you agree? You would probably heard the phrase "I play just for fun", "Aku main nak peluh je". Right? This phrase will usually came out from the mouth of those who really are playing something or trying something for fun. Those who play something once in a while.

For me, I can see two types of people who use this phrase;

1) Those who play or try things once in a while.

This would be those who play football just once every weekend or just when he feels like it. But even for this type of people, once they do the thing/ play, they will play to his heart-content and feel satisfied everytime he does it. Some would come to him and say "waa..bagusla ko main, turun la lagi". And he would answered, "alaa..aku main suka-suka je. Wat peluh. Jarang-jarang pun main. Weekend je ada. Tu pun kalau tak balik kampung". 

2) Those who play it everyday

Those who would play or jog everyday hoping to maintain a healthy life. Sweating every evening and feel good about it. Some would come to him and say "weh, jom la kita masuk tournament minggu depan. Hari-hari dah main, cam ok dah". And he would answer, "err..taknak ah. Aku main suka-suka je..untuk peluh".

The first type would be those who probably gonna end up not playing it again at all. The real deal of suka-suka, for fun and just nak peluh. Now if you are asking me why I love to play tennis, love to play sepak takraw, love Aikido, love martial art, love taking pictures and never even bored of them? Well the answer is very simple and it is own mastery. Yep!! I don't ever tired of doing all these things that I've been doing is because I'm seeking for my own mastery on every single thing I do.

Let's use tennis as example. When I start, I was about to be removed from my friend's CC list in his weekly tennis session email. At that time I was doing Aikido and the time always clashed. But one night, I said "why not!! Let's try it out!". When I first start;

1. I don't have my own racquet
2. I wear my Nike Capri shoe
3. I wear a football short with long tight
4. I can hardly put the ball in the court. It always ended up over the fence.
5. My serve always hit the net
6. There was never been a rally in the game. Either out and net, or the opponent was the one doing it.
7. No volley near the net
8. I hit the ball to close to my body and usually it will not get into the other side

And lots more!!!! But when I play it the first time, I kinda love it. And when I love something, I will always try to master it. So I played and played once every week. And till now?

1. I have my own racquet, 3 of them (err..2nd hand je pun)
2. I have my own tennis shoe and even as hantaran
3. I bought a short with pocket on sides from uptown
4. Putting the ball in is very easy~~~ Now is whether I'm gonna make it spin, lop, topspin or flat!
5. Ace serve is an every game thing for me
6. I could put up a rally with the opponent, some would end with my winner and some would be the other way around.
7. I would play volley at the net along with my partner and try to kill the ball asap.
8. I get my own comfort zone when I hit and amazed with how different the ball would go and crossed the net!!

I would set something to learn every game no matter who my opponent is. If I play with a newbie, I will try something that I wouldn't dare to try out when I have to play with better opponent coz I would afraid of losing point.

Tell me how could I be bored to play anything when everytime I play, I learn something? Maybe I will stop playing like how I stop Aikido due to financial issue. So far, I get to have my own racquet half the original price when my friend sold it to me, I don't need to buy the balls and I don't need to pay for the court!! And on top of that I could try to master it so conveniently!!

Maybe some day I would stop playing tennis like I stop playing takraw now for a certain reason. But I will always try something to do and master it as best as I could for sure. And a stop is not a permanent thing. I will always start it back when there's an opportunity to do so.

The world is big, with so many things you can try. Take a computer for instead. You browse internet everyday but no one can ridicule you and say "hey..tak bosan ke hari2 ngadap komputer, main game, surfing, movie?". Why? Coz we surf different things everyday apart of the favourite ones. We play different games or with different people everytime, we watch different movies everyday and it's never been the same!!


Hasnor said…
hehe..kalo bab main, mane der boring...
aku boring ngan keje..bleh?? :D
HEMY said…
buleh..kalau keje buleh je..ekekeke
Hasnor said…
hehehe...beb, btw, bak email aku nk invite utk blog aku..aku pvt buat sementara waktu
zonaku said…
agreed.. esp if when you start, all around you provide the support
PnConfused said…
aku tak boring... keje pon x...

tp aku boring dgn bos yg barujer aku letak beg kul 7.30 dh panggil miting... hari2.. berjam2.... tensen!!!