ATP Friendly match Sapura vs Shell

tenis frenly sapura

The Friendly Tennis Game last Friday night was a nice one. We got to know some more people with the same hobby as ours, same passion and same language in the court or even outside the court.

Some of us rallied at the Mamak stall in front of Hock Eng Seksyen 15 and despite of the downpour 2 hours earlier, the organizer called me for our last confirmation that night and it was a green signal. So we reached the place and cleared out some pud of water and started our game. 

If I could recall correctly, we had 8 games and we won every single one of them. A nice boost of morale and it's gonna be another years ahead of playing this game =]. Who know man. I've been playing almost 3 years now. If I think about it again, I would've never thought that I'd be playing this game. I've been playing Sepak Takraw all this while.

But after I get married, and went back to my usual takraw place once my marital leave ended, no one was there anymore. They play at another place which is farther. That was when my time is allocated just for tennis till now. 

But tennis is like 3 times a week at most unlike Takraw, everyday. As long as I play something..=]


zonaku said…
ok dah belek, x ada!

good to broaden your social group. who knows what else your have in common.

nk bersukan jugak.. dulu ada la gak badminton, walau seminggu sekali.
~mrs azmi~ said…
pegang reket tenis pun tak pernah.. haha

dulu2 time kat sekolah salah gunakan court tenis buat area min roller blade jek.. haha
HEMY said…
ahahaha..ko cari typo ke zonakuuuu~~~~~

men je walau pn skali sminggu...

mes azmi, rosak le court tu korang kerja kan yeee