Yuri Arcurs..Hmm..my next reference photographer

After a while not buying any magazines, newspaper, books or any related printed-versions media, I bought Digital Camera magazine after browsing it couple of time at the MPH booth that opened in front of Al-Ikhsan store in Alamanda. Not that I've never see this magazine on the bookshelves of all those bookstore or magazine stands. It's just that I'd prefer to browse any camera-related stuffs via online. Free.

But as my Reader's Digest subscription has already ended, I figured that it's time for a new magazine subscription. Why not. Something to be read while waiting a reply from my consultant peers or somewhere like that. Plus, I can use it as my next RM120 tax exemption for the books right?

So after I browsed 2 types of these camera-related magazines I chose it after a brief comparison with the other one - Digital SLR Photography. So anybody who buys DSP, we can swap our magazines~~. One topic so far that I've read and caught my attention is "How to Make Stock Photography". It features the world biggest-selling stock photographer - Yuri Arcurs.

Just googled by 'image' of his name, you can see his artworks. Damn nice. He sells his images around 2,000 shots a day. What the~~~~ His images are one that you'll always see used by corporate companies, magazines and etc. Just look at the one I attached here.

So, I'm gonna aim for this starting today. Not that my images would straight went for sale or anything but it's just a start to do something new with my camera. If the Rizq is mine, maybe couple of months later you'd be reading an entry from me saying "my first image-selling cashout"!! Who knows right!!



~mrs azmi~ said…
susahnye nak masuk ur blog ni... ade malware detected.. dah 2 minggu ke 3 minggu tah...
syah shah said…
aku cuma buleh tolong doakan semoga cecita ko tuh berjaya... Aminnnn~~ Hehe :D