Sorry bad!!~~ Sorry Mom!!~~

Anyone reads "Digital Camera" magazine? The RM9 per edition? I've already terminated my Reader's Digest subscription and stumbled upon the Digital Camera magazine. I wanted to buy one, but I prefer to subscribe yearly for it. (I can use the receipt for this year's tax exemption =]). Anyone who happened to have subscribed it, let me know yah

I received a message one morning when I was still in my after-subuh nap. It was around 8.30A.M and it was from my mom;

"Wiken ni abang ada hal tak? Nak jalan rumah abang la masak-masak. Mak teringin makan udang goreng tepung"

It came in several messages, but I just put it into one clear meaning. I texted Cembam about it and later at home I handed her RM50 to buy some prawns. Or was it shrimps?  After her school, Cembam bought some from Giant and stored them in the fridge. She said that she bought 30pcs of them.

The plan was suddenly changed. My sister planned to bring our parents to Malacca for a vacation one week in advance from the actual plan. She needs to attend a seminar so the Plan B was formed. I was asked to pick my dad from her house and to bring the prawns as well so Mom could prepare the Udang Goreng Tepung for us. 

So I took the prawns out of the fridge and saw how few they are. Before I headed to my sis' place, I texted Cembam;

"Aiyaaa...ahahaha. Lawaknya. Bagi 20 mintak 50.Last-last beli udang skit je ha..Rm 11.90 je haa..apsal skit sangat pun~~"

When I reached my sis' place, I handed them to Mom and Mom was like "Banyaknyeeee". Ekekeke. Cembam said to me earlier that the plan was for Mom and my sis' family to come which are around only 4 people. So if she had knew that Abah and my youngest sister will be coming to, she would have buy more.

But anyway, the plan to have Udang Goreng Tepung was left as just a plan. Mom didn't manage to prepare them and the Prawns are in my sis' fridge still as we speak.


This morning, I got a message from Cembam;

"Eh, why are the prawns still here? I thought you already brought them to your sis' place"

Mwahahahahaahaha!!! I took the wrong plastic!!! Ahahahahaha!!! Cembam was then saying "patut la kata skit skit.Upanya salah plastik. Ntah pape. Kan dh bgtu plastic Giant". Ahahahahaha!!!

I texted my mom after that ;"Ahahahaha!!! Mak patut la skit. Salah plastik rupanya!!!!" and mom replied "patut la 8 ekor je...apa la ko ni bang. Bukan rezeki la ni mak nak makan". 

Ahahaha..that 8pcs I brought to my sis' were the one bought but my sis-in-law couple of days before. Aahahaha. Sengal la aku ni!! sebaik kacak..Ahahahaha!!!!


k.e.r.i. said…
dah lah sengal, kechok plak tu.
PnConfused said…
ko yg salah.. ko mrh cembam.. ceitttt....
syah shah said…
Sengal gila ok, takkan laa nak buat makan-makan Cembam nak kasik udang lapan ekor je... Kalo udang galah yang beso-beso ke, lobster ke, lapan ekor tu, logik laa jugakkkk~~ Sengal betul aa ko... Muahahahahah :P :P
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
kah kah kah :P apo lah...xkan lah chembam beli udang 8 ekor utk mak mertua dia kot...kah kah kah...ko nih lebih kurg je ngan laki aku...ahahahha salah plastik lah...kelakar..kelakar..entry ni berjaya buat aku yg lemau sb demam ni ketawa sensorg kt umah kah kah kah..
hana devushka said…
kelakarnya..bley plak salah plastik..ekeke~