Our Wednesday Pasar session

Wednesday means Pasar malam time with my wife. All this while, Nyai would go alone buying her craving dishes that night, some fruits and some cooking ingredients for the whole week. But least that I know, it's kinda heavy to carry all those things. When I went with her one evening, I knew right away that I should be doing it every Wednesday with her so I could carry the items for her. All those chicken, fishes, squids, shrimps, veggies, fruits and etc are heavy when you have to carry it alone.

So since that Wednesday, I would clear my after-work schedule from any tennis session and went straight home. Cembam would have already waiting by the guard post and we would go there by Wardina. Easier parking.

Wednesday is also the day I usually or almost-will go to work by Wardina. I can ride 140-150km/h and reached home as soon as I can to have our Pasar-session.

But outside now, I could hear the thundering sound echoing throughout that cloudy sky. I wonder if I could make it home on time today.


syah shah said…
Jadi semalam sempat sampai tak??

bagusle ko tau... idak pun ko beli laa troli pegi pasar tu... just in case ko tak dapat balik ke, ada hal penting ke kan...
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
good practice...pegi pasar together-gether ni best sebenarnya..ala2 mcm pegi dating masa zaman bujang dulu2 lah :P..then bleh blaja kn kangkung tu camne rupanya, lengkuas tu camne kaler dia..nnt bleh lah jadi hasben yg terbaik bila org suruh g beli brg dapur dh tau camne rupanya dia :P:P
HEMY said…
syahshah : haah kan..betul gak tu..beli troli kecik tu kan..kang cari la

Fiza, aku masak la dari kecik..stakat sayur2 yg tak bombastik tu aku tau sangat2..ehehe