Our First Anniversary, and it was special!!~~~

It has been a year!!!! Yep. I've been a husband with a flat tummy for now. And trying my best to give my love to my dearest Nyai, Cembam. I'm juggling my priorities, my hobbies and my time among my wife, my tennis, my PC and lots more..ekekeke. And so far I think I did good. Do I Cembam??

1st anniv

I've already planned to spend our 14th March together and requested for a leave weeks earlier. We wanted to go to a high altitude place, cold one as around the time we thought of the plan, it was scorching hot even my colleague's newly bought racket bent and snapped when it was left only around 3 hours in his car. Yep..that hot!! That's why we chose Fraser Hills. Simply because we hv already went to Cameron for our honeymoon and Genting's hotel was fully booked from Sat to Tuesday.


The night before we headed to Fraser, I slept at 1A.M after my usual online game with my colleague and some other virtual players that I don't even know. We play DOTA every night. Hehehe =]. Yah, and Cembam is cool with that.

That morning I was trying to getup after hearing Cembam waking me up for Subuh but as soon as Cembam showed me one small white thing to me, my eyes were afresh!! It was the pregnancy kit. And unlike the first time we tried using it, this time that 2 lines are so obvious.

Rightaway I said 'congrats' to Cembam but we still don't wanna believe it 100% because we need it to be official. When we've already arrived around our home, we were searching for the clinics. After we tried 2 of them, both their doctors were not there. We were told to come again around 6.15-6.30 P.M. So we searched around the area for another clinic, stopped by the Pakar Wanita An-Nur it's already closed.

So in the end, I decided to go to the first clinic and will wait there if the nurse has not come. But luckily, just when we arrived, the doctor was walking out from his car (it was the only big car in front of the clinic and yes our guess was correct, she was the doctor). I melepas first in their toilet before entering the room.


Actually I wanted to pull off some joke saying something like;

"boleh jumpa doktor? Kami dah terlanjur ni, nak cek pregnant ke tak girlfriend saya ni"

Ekekeke. Tapi I afraid I might get a jab with a huge needle, so I chickened out. Ahhahaha. The doc was asking Cembam's last period, but I was the one answered her (nampak sangat prihatin kan?). Then the doc asked Cembam if she had drink a lot, if her bladder was full. We asked "oh, check air kencing ye doc?".

Aahahahahaha!!! Rupanya the doc was going to do the ultrasonic scan. Oh..Mana tau. Pes time. Ngan awek lama tak sampai ngandung pun. Ahahahahaha!!! I thought the scan will be done for later months? But Cembam was lying on the bed with the doc moving something on her belly trying to see beneath that fat stomach. AHahaha!! And there it was a small kecik tuet thing that I circled up there. The 'kantung' has already developed and from the system it says 7 weeks.

Yep, when I was feeling something weird these past few weeks plus knowing Cembam's already late (period), I got the feeling that there was something inside her. If not a baby, then cacing yang banyak. Ahahahaa!! I kept on rubbing her belly when I was home asking "baby, watpe tu?" and Cembam will giggled and said "ntah pape..takde pa la". The first one Cembam had a late period, it was just a false alarm, so we didn't dare to think of it will going to happen. But I got this feeling you know. And it is true~~~

Yep..I am happy. But not too happy because 9 months is a long way to go. Anything could happen. Now I'm worried coz Cembam is going back to hometown with her sis. I'm not gonna follow. There's work at the office that needs my attention. I asked the doctor and she said it should be OK to travel, but just be careful.

Haisshh...macam tak percaya~~~~~. Alhamdulillah so far in my live, most of the things I planned worked!! I planned not to have a baby during our separated-live, there was the false alarm and when we have already under the same roof, just last month I started to think a bit serious to have a baby by seeing my nephew. And Allah granted that to me. Alhamdulillah~~~

So there goes my 1st Anniv with the 'News' as the present.


anwar HP said…
alhamdulilah.. tahniah bro.. nanti anak kau, leh berkawan ngan anak aku la.. maybe same year kot depa lahir..hahaha
Erina Asmawani said…
Ya Allah. Tak tahu kenapa aku sangat happy baca entry ni sampai air mata aku bergenang2..boleh? emo pulok doh ;p

Congratz hemy..congratz cembam ;) Allah tahu apa yang terbaik untuk hambanya kan..masa korang jauh, xde baby, dah dekat..Dia bagi baby tuk kuatkan silaturrahim antara korang.Eeeeee..happy ok!

Now i know why cembam so pendiam masa pergi lanchang aritu..mebi pembawakan budak ;) Eh, kiranya betul la kan masa gi Lanchang aritu Cembam dah ada baby kan? Preggy2 naik gajah tu tau..haha..cembam hebat! ;)

Ok, aku dah terlebih excited ni.Siap buat karangan bagai. Congratz again both of ya. Hemy, sila jaga cembam bebaik!!!
HEMY said…
tahun ni la anwar...02.11.2011..tu tarikh men teka la

Erina, mekasih ek siap bergenang air mata utk aku..turn ko maybe tak lama dah kot.

haah..time nek gajah tu lebih kurang la dh ada kot....tp mmg cembam pendiam pn..dia tak reti sgt nk huha takde topik..kalau ko cikgu buleh la kot..sembang perguruan..ekekeke

mekasih for your wish..ko pn sll doa aku next aku next kan..hehe
Masy said…
yihaaa!! pasni klu naik gajah, dah bertiga laaaa ye tak ;) ngehhhh. dah ade Memuah Junior hah!
Masy said…
ehhhh lupe nk cakap congrates. CONGRATES UOLSS!!! (^_^)V
❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
hahaha ayat ko sentiasa tak boleh blah..
anyway aku ucapkan tahniah utk korang berdua..rezeki..syukur alhamdulilah..aku harap baby tu nanti dah besar tak sengal macam ko..ahahaha
Erina Asmawani said…
"ko pn sll doa aku next aku next kan..hehe"

ok..aku x paham ayat ko ni..64 kali ulang baca pun x paham..sila terangkan dengan lebih lanjut k..haha
~mrs azmi~ said…
congrats to both of u! hadiah bermakna utk anniversary tuh

Happy anniversary too!!
HEMY said…
Masy, alhmadulillah..pas nek gajah tu cembam kuar tompok darah tau..tp alhamdulillah takde pape

Bella, dia sengal pn kalau wat kawan hepi dan kacak cam aku..ok je..akakaka

Erina, ko kan kata sll, bila aku citer pasal anak kawan aku, ko akan kata "next, ko nye plak..haa"..doa la tu

thanks mrs azmi
Farah Y said…
Alhamdulillah. That's great news! Congratulations Anul and wife!!
zonaku said…
Alhamdulillah n Happy anniversary....

dah tatau nk kata apa, terkedu gak n so happy for you. n setuju ngan masy.. dah ada memuah junior dah! ramai godparents dlm geng memuah ni untuk si junior nanti..

er...er... cakap ngan pengetua cembam, cembam mengidam nk ke penang berholiday bulan jun nanti.. mesti cuti lulus punya...

lagi 12 weeks, dah about 19 weeks time tu, karang kita bincang pasal xtvt masa berholiday
HEMY said…
Farah Y, tahnks..you apa citer ek? camne pregnancy?

zonaku, aku dh try suh mintak awal..tp mmg leh travel dh ek masa tu?? harapnya dpt lah
aim-a said…
congrats!!!!! welcome memuah jr :D
zurainah said…
congrats tabu n wife..jg elok2 bini ko tu.especially 3 bln pertama..layan kan saje permintaannye...hahahahaha
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
Tahniah hasnul & cembam...pasni jagalah dia baik2 yer...that's the greatest gift ever..jgn lupa doakan utk aku pulak yer :)
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
cepatnya masa berlalu. dah setahun ek? rasanya macam baru jek aku bercakar, bertarik rambut ngan cembam berebutkan ko. hahahaha

tahniah. sekarang, aku tersangat-sangat-sangat-sangat JELES


HEMY said…
thanks aima, citahrudin, zurainah..leh la wat kawan zafran. aku dh suh cembam jgn ikutkan perasaan..ahahaha

ahaha KTS...komen kau i like..ahahaha
arianna adrizal said…
alhamdulillah.. tahniah org kg! =)
lyana said…
wah anul CONGRATS!!!! giler lambat aku tahu huhuhuhu.. maila umah maila mailaaa hehehe..cembam aku xjumpe2 lagi ni ko dah nak ada anak dah.. :D
HEMY said…
meh la bagi alamat...last aku meseg ko, takde balas...aku pn tak tau dh nombor mana ko pakai skang